Terminator Genisys Movie – Official Trailer 2

Terminator Genisys Movie – Official Trailer 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Emilia Clarke star in the latest Terminator: Genisys trailer. Experience it in RealD 3D & IMAX 3D on July 1st. http://www.TerminatorMovie.com

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20 Responses

  1. xMetalx59x says:

    I cant handle this holy fuck 

  2. nolanception says:

    You guys are so dramatic holy shit. This doesn’t even look that bad at all.

  3. likozor says:

    unfamiliar faces all

  4. (SPRY) Ace of Games says:

    And I thought TASM2 trailers showed too much. This trailer completely
    spoiled the plot twist

  5. Bowen Zhao says:

    looks fake as shit

  6. bantha says:

    I think that the “plot twist” revealed in this trailer is as about as
    important to keep a secret as the John Harrison “plot twist” in Star Trek
    Into Darkness. Not very important. This looks like a fun popcorn flick.

  7. Fabio Belz says:

    Damn! The movie looks like great.. but the trailer is a total spoiler.

  8. Marc Morrissey says:

    Couldn’t care less about this movie! I’m going to see it just for the
    scenes with the CGI 1984 Schwarzenegger terminator!! THE original and most
    badass appearance of ANY terminator!

  9. Alien Chin says:

    I really wanted that plot twist when I was in the movie theater.

  10. Sergey Bondarenko says:

    где драконы?

  11. FEDERICOJ says:

    Alguien tiene algun link donde pueda escuchar o descargar el From de este

  12. lopido says:

    In my mind. This franchise ended with t2.


    If you think that plot twist is bad, wait until you see the ending. They
    are saying in the script leaks that Skynet is an ALIEN! WTF, the saga is
    dead after this shit.

    And I might add, every leak so far has turned out to be true; this Connor
    being a machine leaked months ago. Matt Smith is the T-5000, an infiltrator
    that has gathered info since the T2 era, and used it to change the past to
    create a new future, after it infects Connor. Skynet now has the upper hand
    once again.

  14. lazy honey says:

    Арни есть, а вместо патрика сраный азиат, ну что лень позвать его было?

  15. 970954894NG09 says:

    Hope this turns out good!

  16. Venn Stone says:

    Not exactly innovating.

  17. Kuume Kuuchah says:

    This looks absolutely awful. like a parody of a parody. Old white haired
    Schwarzenegger leaping from a helicopter. Ridiculous CGI everywhere. The
    art direction is all wrong. The casting is terrible. And why are they just
    rehashing the same f*cking film again? Why does everything look glossy and
    digital. The story also doesn’t make any sense . . . even by The Terminator
    series own warped time traveling logic. Okay Hollywood, time to listen –
    people want to see the future war depicted in the Cameron movies, we’ve
    waited 30 years to see it properly, Don’t just slap a future war intro onto
    the film, and then rehash Terminator 1-3, the WHOLE film should be about a
    squad of soldiers trying to infiltrate skynet in an attempt to send Kyle
    Reese back in time, it should have the aesthetic of the future war scenes
    from James Camerons first two pictures & look like Cameron’s early concept
    art – it should look gritty, it should be like the Terminator version of
    Aliens – a dark science fiction thriller – that’s what it should be – not
    this pg13 popcorn rehash shit with bad wire work, bad acting and bad CGI
    everywhere. This looks like complete shit.

  18. Dreadlord1 says:

    not feeling it

  19. Mike Stevens says:

    Oh good, even more bizarre twists. 

  20. Otto Richter says: