Terminator Genisys Movie – Trailer Tease

Prepare for tomorrow’s world premiere of theTerminator Genisys trailer at http://TerminatorMovie.com #HeIsBack

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18 Responses

  1. Photon Tide says:

    T-1000 se vraća na scenu u novom Terminator Genisys tizer trejleru.

  2. Dmitriy B says:


  3. Alessio Carotenuto says:

    Terminator Genisys Movie – Trailer Tease

  4. George Gehlbach says:

    What happens if you eat yeast and shoe polish ? Over 20 jokes and where
    they came from on disqus.com/home/user/georgegehlbach dated 12/1/14 .

  5. Zody Zappa says:

    Fuck it, I’m callin’ it. Matt Smith as the T-1000 xD

  6. BC M says:

    That CGI robotic arm looks like shit. Didn’t anyone learn anything from
    X-men Origins?

  7. Mister Anderson says:

    Jai Fucking Courtney is going to ruin this movie, without a doubt the worst
    casting choice in the history of Hollywood.

  8. matei bindu says:

    please god be rating R

  9. AnimaxRules says:

    Arnold is to Terminator like Will Smith to Men in Black.

  10. Relja Trajković says:

    T-1000 se vraća na scenu u novom Terminator Genisys tizer trejleru.

  11. bassrawkers says:

    Tiny robit hand

  12. GFreviews says:

    0:09 Now listen to me very carefully…

  13. Last Life says:


  14. flying tuna says:

    Im from Japan… Did you guys mean “today”?

  15. rejzor says:

    The T-1000 indeed looked really cheap. Why they have to push crappy CGI
    when it clearly looks rubbish. In T2 it was indeed looking spectacular and
    considering its age, it still does. This one however already looks ruubish
    now, imagine it 10 or 15 years down the lane…

  16. Jeffrey M. Reynolds says:

    What the hell??? Releasing a trailer for a trailer the day before said
    trailer is released? Isn’t that a tad bit ridiculous and unnecessary? Just
    release the trailer.

  17. TheToekutter says:

    The arm sequence at the end looks sooooooo bad. LOL

  18. John Crichton says:

    OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO LOOK LIKE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!