Terrible Soccer Players | Lele Pons

Terrible Soccer Players | Lele Pons

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24 Responses

  1. Lele Pons says:


  2. Unicórnio Azul says:

    Por que usou camisetas brasileiras se o nosso time de futebol e bom? 😶😶😶

  3. Minekittielyhere IyoriHajimeIzu says:

    Okay…Im kinda annoyed by the penalty person -_-

  4. Violet Gomez says:

    I love it Lele! Don’t listen to the haters!
    Ti amo ❤️

  5. Tanielle Silva says:

    Só vejo a camisa do Brasil

  6. Itatchi Uchiha says:

    Hahaha… Haha… Ha….

    *This is supposed to be funny right?*

  7. Amanda Cardoza says:

    I didn’t smirk, smile, giggle, laugh, chuckle, or even move my lips during this video.
    I wonder if I need to smack a book about “comedy” to Lele’s face.

  8. MyaLovesPringles says:

    Where’s the chin pads and cleats?

  9. Pump's planet says:

    How’s here before 5 million views

  10. Fabli Syeda says:

    Your in that music video Havana !!!

  11. Eryn says:

    Cory in da house!!!!!

  12. fireball productions says:

    This shit is not funny

  13. julian montiel says:

    Do you teach your viewers how to be stupid?!? 😐 its not even funny..

  14. O says:

    was this suppose to be funny?

  15. sari says:

    when they ain’t wearing cleats you know they going to be bad

  16. Naomi Bonescu says:

    I love you so so so so much

  17. Benji Gaming says:

    If you think that video was trash like this commet

  18. moha abdi says:

    Its called football not soccer

  19. Sylvia Harris says:

    I wonder what would happen if Lele won…what punishment? xD😂😂

  20. Emma VonDory says:

    My sister was ur second view!

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