Nice, France, 14 July 2016 I got this from Twitter
Source: https://twitter.com/MLCeco/status/753698888368943104/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

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19 Responses

  1. Renars Magone says:

    This will eventually start WW3, in case there has been alredy declared a
    war against terorism.

  2. Kerim Gülyeşil says:

    Real ISLAM is not about the killing people who is not the muslim or
    violent.Real islam is about the peace and brotherhood this terrorists are
    not real muslims they are showing people and trying the make believe
    “muslims are terrorist and they are kills people” this is America’s
    game.They (Usa) trying to make people hateful to Muslim people and Muslim
    Countries like Turkey,Arab Countries.Please dont believe this
    games,Tv’s,politics,Real Islam is not like that real islam is like

  3. AsRebel says:

    Gas all Muslims yes.

  4. MaxIsPlayingNow (Francesco The Playz) says:

    Not again…

  5. Zockerwahnsinn says:

    Pokémon GO is nice

  6. 星トウインクル says:

    It’s sad how people still think that ISIS is Islam. Some people see this
    and have the thought that this is Islam. It’s not! ISIS is also bombing in
    the holy City Medinah!

  7. Murano Vittoria says:

    now you know what israel passing..so dont say us agian not shoting them,,we

  8. Sulfan says:

    Using a truck instead of a gun should make everyone realize the weapon
    isn’t the problem, the ideology is.

  9. Seranaiser says:

    Verpisst euch ihren scheiß missgeburten islamisten sprengt euch in die Luft
    und zwar die komplette Religion von euch ihr scheiß missgeburten wer das
    liket ist gegen denn islam

  10. Vincent Ko says:

    I’m even tired of mourning for France this time. It changes nothing.

  11. MsSTuNeR says:

    France has opposed sanctions against Russia and the US did not like it

  12. 謝謝雁懷 says:


  13. AngAggrOrienDragon Sean (Sean AOD) says:

    We regret that we will continue to pay close attention to the human rights
    situation of ethnic minorities in France in the event of a conflict in
    France in 7.15. We call on the French government to fair treatment of the
    rights and freedoms of ethnic minorities, and urged the French government
    to stop the use of violence against its repression, it is recommended by
    the United Nations investigation team to conduct a comprehensive
    investigation of the incident. We appeal to the French government face the
    legitimate demands of the French people, not to political dissident group
    carried out the killings and suppress, we will discuss the events for the
    Hague International Court of arbitration, the French government should
    improve the human rights situation for the people of France.

  14. Wu Jintao says:

    Same people do the same thing, in New York or Paris, he is a terrorist; in
    Aleppo or Benghazi, he is a freedom fighter; in Moscow or Beijing, he is a
    human-right fighter. Syria has lose at least 2% population and is
    continually losing, no one cares. What a joke.

  15. Nick Mulé (2112nick) says:

    why are they jogging, if i was there i would be sprinting my hardest

  16. Thea Mjolnir says:

    This will happen again in the future because the French government, like
    the broader EU governments are too weak to actually address the problem.
    Call the devil by its name and solve it. RIP the people who have died
    meaninglessly, but something must be done other than holding vigils and
    changing Facebook profile filters. Terrorism must be stopped!

  17. Are “XxprogamerxX101” says:

    Every body runs as he sits there recording it smh

  18. Angel Deville says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. The US State Department
    issued a travel alert for Americans visiting Europe, specifically warning
    about the risk of potential terrorist attacks throughout the continent. I
    know a number of people that had plans to travel to Europe, and they
    canceled their reservations. Europe it’s so beautiful and the people are
    wonderful. It never used to be this way. Such a headshaking shame.

  19. jesus iskangus says: