Terror in Demacia | League of Legends

Terror in Demacia | League of Legends

An ancient fear awakens.

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74 Responses

  1. E P says:

    Everyone: they make only cartoon characters, this game will be like Disney soon


  2. Xentrien says:

    0:47 “Mr.Garen I don’t feel so good.”

  3. 1,000 subscribers no video? says:

    Me before video: it can’t be that scary
    Me after: *dorime*

  4. SovietPanda91 says:

    1:03 when you buy the last package of toilet paper from the store

  5. Wesley Willier says:

    Soldier: “Filthy mages.” Fiddle: “Time to float!”

  6. garliwis says:

    Everyone before fiddle’s rework: pfff im going to start a fire with this bunch of sticks
    Riot: keep laughing…

  7. Crownguard says:

    them: “so how scary will fiddle get?”

    riot: “yes”

  8. Leonardo Costa says:

    I’m glad their actually doing everything based on the lore now

  9. Viole The Vile says:


  10. T- Wolf says:

    When they said he was going to be the league’s first real horror champion they were not kidding. I jumped back and recoiled when he charged the poor guy.

    Edit: one thing that really excites me is was when Riot talked about ambushing and set up I thought that meant he would place decoy scarecrows, glad to see I was on the right track.

  11. Aragon says:

    0:15 Me and my support farming botlane.

    0:27 Support after hearing rengar ult

  12. AlexLun says:

    Demacian: “Filtyh mages”.

    Hashinshin: “No no, he’s got a point”.

  13. I Have 99 Magic says:

    *Inserts “Becareful who you call ugly in middle school” meme here*

    *Inserts joke about T pose to assert dominance here*

  14. Null //Blank says:

    Oh, I bet this’ll be another disney character by riot!

    Riot: *Literally makes fear incarnate*

  15. Laine says:

    0:37 The guard says “T-tedric?”

    Afterwards, fid mocks him and also says “Tedric” in his broken, true voice

  16. Alan Walkman says:

    Coronavirus: Everyone fears me.
    Fiddlesticks: *spams laugh*

  17. Qbo says:

    Mordekaiser: I’m the scarest champion!

    Fiddlesticks: Hold my crow.

  18. Cường Trần says:

    The biggest mistake in my life: watch this at 4 AM

  19. WoffleDog says:

    Me: Playing league for the first time
    Riot: Allow us to introduce our new champion rework featuring *Your sleep paralysis demon* .

  20. Psycho Kern says:

    “Filthy mages”
    Thats sounds like Hashinshin thats about to be camped by the enemy jg and Tedrick is his jungler getting camped by the enemy jg…

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