Terry Bogard in Smash Bros. Ultimate REVEAL TRAILER

Terry Bogard in Smash Bros. Ultimate REVEAL TRAILER

The fourth DLC character coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate is Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard, just revealed in the 9.4.19 Nintendo Direct! Check out the trailer here!

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64 Responses

  1. Solsuna says:

    Man, Maximilian is gonna lose it when he sees this, assuming he hasn’t already.

  2. Maxi Donoso Rocuant says:

    R.I.P Gesse
    “He died for Smash”
    Edit: Also, confirmed that Terry is Sakurai’s main in Fatal Fury/KOF

  3. Cedric Sy says:

    *Maximiliandood is going apeshit*

    I know you are in here Max…

  4. Frffy Vs Boredom says:

    We’ve reached peak Sakurai with this trailer

  5. VideoGameStupid LC says:

    Geese is fine, he’s kicking it with Heihachi and Akuma in Tekken.

  6. Glenn Vatista says:

    Smash…Making these invite reveals so damn cool. Seeing Iori laugh.

    That was beauty, with his Soundtrack.

  7. Komodo Magi says:

    Even tho I’m not an SNK fan, I’m happy for the the SNK fans. :3

    • Chad Schmaltz says:

      @Josh A. Shaman is just salty that his “meme of the month” character wasn’t selected for Smash.

    • Kevin Byrnes says:

      @Chad Schmaltz who would win?
      Haohmaru from Samurai Showdown or Mitsurugi from Soul Calibur?

    • Chad Schmaltz says:

      @Kevin Byrnes hmm…that’s a good question. I think I would have to give an advantage to Haomaru due to his moveset having things like a flame whirlwind projectile and the whole rage meter that boosts the attack power of all his moves. I’ve read (in the storyline) that Misturugi has always had difficulty with projectiles, particularly bullets, which is why he wants Soul Calibur in the first place.

  8. HackerHaunter says:

    uh oh, Maximilian Dood is gonna flip over this one

  9. Chaosm03 says:

    I knew it was gonna be Terry, but a piece of me was hoping for Iori.

  10. Peace40wnage says:

    No geese you’re in tekken already.

  11. TheAwesomeIke says:

    I love how everyone tried to catch the invitation but Terry was like “Oh, what’s this?”

  12. Hanzo Hattori says:

    I love his “Hey, come on”. It’s cheesy and retro classic. It’s perfect.

  13. FlameAdder says:

    Just having the Neo-Geo startup sound in there was an insta-like

  14. DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou says:

    Geese = Falls to his death
    Iori = Laughs it off

  15. RW3ints says:

    And new smash winner is some random kof player from mexico.

  16. Count Of Monte Cristo says:

    With this badass reveal, I hope more and more people can appreciate Terry and the badass series of fighting games he comes from! FATAL FURY BABY!

  17. RurouniMonster says:

    King of fighter is the original smash brothers, not a lot people know this. It started in 1994. SNK brought all their fighting games & other type of games into one & called it King of Fighters.

  18. kirbymass says:

    In Tekken 7, we have Akuma vs Geese
    In Smash, we have Ken vs Terry

    When’s Capcom vs Snk 3?

  19. Palletlover says:

    geese howard fell trying to get into smash and landed in tekken

    In all seriousness I laughed my ass off when he fell trying to grab the letter even when he’s not in the game he continues to fall to his death

  20. the president julius says:

    kyo kusanagi & iori yagami…
    Terry still cool btw

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