Terry Crews’ A Thousand Miles vs. Mike Tyson’s Push It | Lip Sync Battle

Terry Crews’ A Thousand Miles vs. Mike Tyson’s Push It | Lip Sync Battle

The battle fires up with Terry’s heartwarming performance of “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. Mike Tyson retaliates with a fierce “Push It” By Salt-N-Pepa. Who will win in this furious fight? Watch to find out!

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Lip Sync Battle is already a huge viral sensation. Now Spike is taking it to the next level with its very own show, hosted by LL Cool J and with colorful commentary by social media maven, Chrissy Teigen. Each episode will feature two A-list celebrities like you’ve never seen them before – syncing their hearts out in hysterically epic performances. The mic is off, the battle is on!

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20 Responses

  1. Austin and Jess Vlogs says:

    +Sturmbannführer Toht, I wish my thoughts were so much more original.. like
    your name and comment.

  2. Sturmbannführer Toht says:

    +Austin and Jess Vlogs You’re a moron. Do you have anything original to say?

  3. Austin and Jess Vlogs says:

    +Sturmbannführer Toht.. hahahaha, you’re so original you started to repeat
    yourself. hahahaha #LifeGoal

  4. Mayra K Ortiz Gonzalez says:

    Terry Crews’ A Thousand Miles vs. Mike Tyson’s Push It | Lip Sync Battle
    #terrycrews #miketyson #doitup #lipsyncbattle 

  5. crazyviolent69 says:

    not available in my country? yeah? fuck you

    i still managed to watch it

  6. Johnnyboy231000 says:

    An actor/comedian VS a boxer! Is that even fair? Lol

  7. komodo26 says:

    Now I want to see Will Ferrell vs Jim Carrey. Battle of the improvisors.

  8. Adam Basche says:

    Chrissy Teigen needs to seriously go away….I can’t stand her and I dont’
    know why. I just get annoyed everytime they pan off to her. It angers
    me. Terry Crews doe!!!!

  9. Tiago Ferreira says:

    PEOPLE THAT CAN´T WATCH, READ THIS: just install the Chrome extension
    called “ZenMate”, than chose USA as location and you can see. It’s really
    easy to turn ON and OFF. So much for the “country of freedom”…

  10. Steven Tate says:

    Is it just me or Mike Tyson looks like he can get back in the ring for
    fight just saying 

  11. Marylin Santizo says:

    I can’t see it not allow in my country so sad

  12. Josh Borduin says:

    I don’t know, I feel THEXY!

  13. Josh Correll says:

    made my day, lol

  14. JBML007 says:

    This show blows.

  15. Tyler Junkin-Mills says:

    Terry Crews is what I aspire to be when I’m older

  16. MrIcepick1337 says:

    Not available in your country…… Fire up VPN….. O so sorry here is the
    video lol

  17. william levy says:

    terry won fuck mike

  18. Deafprophets says:

    3:49 Your new wallpaper

  19. Josh Gomez says:

    Lip thinc