Tesla AI Day

Tesla AI Day

Join us to build the future of AI → https://www.tesla.com/ai

46:54 – AI Day Begins

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  1. Casgains Academy says:

    Tesla AI Day marks the start of a new trillion dollar industry

  2. Solving The Money Problem says:

    The most important event in Tesla’s HISTORY. Mark my words.

  3. SlashFlashTrash says:

    “In retrospect, it was inevitable”

  4. Dana En says:

    DOJO would be a major company in it’s own right with the ability to produce that scale of supercomputers. Both governments and corporations would pay massive fortunes for that much computing power, and it appears they have made DOJO reproduceable at scale.

    • 01DOGG01 says:

      @Marco De Donno why was the figure quoted then?

    • 01DOGG01 says:

      @Marco De Donno Found it. Nov 2020. Musk tweeted:

      “fp16 with least important digits truncated (so it feels like fp32) is what we’re betting on for training with Dojo”

      Could’ve just assembled a supercomputer with existing tech and did FP32 without investing stupid amounts of money into developing their own architecture. And saved a whole bunch of time as well.

    • Adrien Mansuy says:

      @Isaiah Kahler Well govs would still be all over that shit to train their own networks. Obviously we have networks mainly being used by countries like China for mass surveillance and enforcing the anti-freedom rules, but this isn’t the only capabilites neural networks can do.
      For example, it seems plausible to me to create a decision advisor that could process vast amounts of raw data, such as economics, population dynamics, resource situation, geopolitics, etc and generate a suggestion on how to best improve things.
      Its probably not going to be developed by people in power, cause they actively profit from the corruption, but probably by some complete outsider that would train an AI to run a country and show just how much better it is at doing it than any human ever could

    • M says:

      @01DOGG01well fp16 is twice as efficient. If its precise enough, then I’d say it is worth building proprietary equipment.

    • Mritunjay Musale says:

      it can’t be, because it’s basically a good scalable matrix mulitplication machine it can’t do general pupose compute like a normal CPUs

  5. Pyriphlegeton says:

    Complete Timestamps:

    0:47:09 _Introduction by Elon Musk_
    0:48:44 _Vision_
    1:12:58 _Planning & Control_
    *Training Data:*
    1:24:23 _Manual Labeling_
    1:27:57 _Auto Labeling_
    1:34:52 _Simulation_
    1:42:09 _Scaling Data Generation_
    *Running it in the Car:*
    1:43:07 _AI Compiler & Scheduling_
    *Fast Iteration (Project Dojo):*
    1:44:13 _Tools & Evaluations_
    1:45:02 _Neural Network Training Cluster_
    *End of Presentation*
    2:05:07 _What’s next for AI? (Tesla Bot)_
    2:12:56 _Team Q&A_

  6. Yaghiyah Brenner says:

    The music at the start is pretty good – respect to the people who put the music together.

  7. Richard Teychenne says:

    Damn, first principals logical extrapolation and it all makes cohesive sense. Seriously impressed!

  8. Sage Akporherhe says:

    Can we just give a special S/O to the curators of the music at the beginning of the event? Amazing job those guys did. 🙌🏾👏🏾👌🏾

  9. MichtyMaxx says:

    Really cool to get an in depth look at how Tesla’s autopilot works!

  10. Jack Hammer says:

    If you still think Tesla isn’t a good investment, ask yourself: which other well-executing CEO is working on solutions underpinned by “will this product take the entire economy to a next level?”

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