Tesla Autopilot v7.0 Stop and Go Traffic

Tesla Autopilot v7.0 Stop and Go Traffic

Tesla Model S autopilot version 7.0. This is a demo of autopilot working in stop and go traffic on the interstate. Fairly short clip.

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20 Responses

  1. fluffo says:

    NYT, January 2016:
    […] Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla, upped the ante. In a
    conference call with reporters last week, he asserted that the so-called
    Autopilot feature introduced in the Tesla Model S last fall was “probably
    better than a person right now.”

    Mr. Musk also said that within a year or two, it would be technically
    feasible to summon a Tesla from the opposite side of the country.

  2. DELTABOY04 says:


  3. Isabella Brynn says:

    Elon Musk:Basement NEETs who can’t afford a Tesla try to make fun of
    someone successful who could

  4. doubl3m1nt says:


  5. Michael C (MichaelC162) says:

    His liked videos are nearly half Tesla or SpaceX and they kill him with

  6. Henrik Gram says:

    Thankfully he didn’t manage to kill anyone but himself with his
    irresponsible driving. Even a DUI-driver would most likely have spotted the
    truck in time.

  7. Trevor Otieno says:


  8. Jacob Otherton says:

    Rest in peace. I know the concept of self driving cars seem great, but I
    think this is really taking human beings back to an infant stage. We need
    to have control over the vehicle, driving skills should be absolutely
    necessary, the world is way to dangerous and these automatic cars just
    aren’t reliable and shouldn’t be trusted.

  9. MscleMike says:

    I agree: it took all of your stress out…for ever… You can’t just rely
    on the technology this days…it is amazin and very impressive but it’s
    just the beggining of it…and a grown up man should’ve been aware of
    that…you cannot just leave your life in the hands of a car…period…

  10. xactleeryt says:

    RIP Josh

  11. Milky Way says:


  12. Adriano says:


  13. Carlos Herrera Peralta says:


  14. B Jiang says:

    I liked this video for my best respect to Mr.Brown

  15. yevgeni10 says:

    you have a huge tv screen in your car and you USE smartphone for

  16. sharks445 says:

    Perhaps the computer should be using HDR for capturing the environment.
    That way it will be able to differentiate between similar color values of a
    vehicle and sky

  17. wavecutter69 says:

    What a way to innovate bro… First death in a self driven car. We all die
    someday and to go down in the history books cool!

  18. supercalio says:

    RIP bro.

  19. Ola Svensson says:

    This is not good.

  20. Yoni says:

    I will never trust my life to a “self-driving” more like self-crashing car.
    I want to be in control of my own destiny.