Tesla Model 3 Impressions!

Tesla Model 3 Impressions!

I drove Tesla Model 3 and I liked it. These are my full thoughts and impressions!

Full Tesla event: https://youtu.be/vzT0uNT0ds8

Correction: Full autonomous driving option is $3,000, not $5,000.

BONUS: Tesla Project Loveday Winner! https://youtu.be/oSnoYEzZnUg

EXTRA BONUS 50MP Flickr Upload: https://www.flickr.com/photos/92336069@N06/36194461636/in/dateposted-public/

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959



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21 Responses

  1. Marcos Amparo says:

    What do you call a stolen Tesla?
    An Edison

  2. Arturo Cardoni says:

    Great video! But I still have a question. Tesla says that every car being produced now has full self-driving hardware. But they give you the option to add “Enhanced Autopilot” and “Full Self-Driving Capability” when buying the Model S and X, that seems counter intuitive. Will cars whose owners don’t include those options be able to drive themselves? And if so, why would one opt for those options? If anyone could shed some light on these questions that would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Ibsy says:

    Does this thing run on a GTX 1080Ti?

  4. Andrew Renner says:

    Everyone who is saying that $35,000 is way too expensive obviously does not know the automotive industry. The typical Honda Civic (low-end everyday car) starts at about $18,000. Tesla does not come out with “cheap” products. The Model S was priced like a Maserati. The model 3 is priced like an Acura.

  5. MrAhsan137 says:

    This boi talked to Elon personally and is very casual about it… Damn.

  6. Shilpa Deshpande says:

    If casey neistat was there, his video would have been like THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT I AM NOT BEING PAID BY TESLA at every 5 mins of the videos

  7. 360 Degrees says:

    I wish the screen was more into the car not like popping out, Also a speedometer behind the wheel would have been nice, that’s all is wrong with this car in my opinion

  8. Philson says:

    And Singapore still doesn’t have Tesla. Our government living in the ice age.

  9. SpotOn says:

    Model S “affordable” lol… I guess everything is affordable to someone.

  10. Dream Tube says:

    Who would buy Model 3 ? I would !

  11. anarqst says:

    How come Tesla gets a pass for the single touchscreen which you have to go through for just about everything but (for example:) Honda eliminates the volume knob and puts it on a touchscreen and everyone hates them for it? Is it just the fact that Tesla has a single cohesive design philosophy whereas a mass market company like Honda has to continue to offer things gradually otherwise their loyal customers will reject it?

  12. LunchTime says:

    So this car is supposed to be made for autonomous driving but that package costs an extra 10k.. Alright.

  13. JiTengful says:

    Touchscreen get stolen you’re fu*k

  14. Orlando D. Luna says:

    So you don’t have the full car when you buy it, you also have to buy DLC’s.

  15. Tom says:

    I like it, it looks promising but are we sure we arent just interpreting “minimalism” as marketing spin for “lack of features.” I get why but dont act like not having basic features is a feature.

  16. SlyRy says:

    Not impressed with the interior. Too much emphasis on the massive display. It wouldn’t have killed them to put a small HUD above the steering wheel for a speedometer so the driver doesn’t have to look over to the right. Or have one projected on the windshield with a mirror

  17. Visor says:

    Does it come with a headphone Jack?!?!?

  18. Max I. says:

    So this car designed for fully autonomously driving doesn’t drive autonomously without spending 10k extra?

  19. Kapil Dabi says:

    Sounds like something apple would do.

  20. Derek Evans says:

    Do i need a tempered glass screen protector for the display?

  21. Wow, last week TESLA cracked the 400,000 mark on the number of Model 3 produced.
    Today it’s almost 6000 more! Alone since I went online this morning there are already 70 vehicles. TESLA has gone down, if they have to build more factories, other manufacturers of old cars will have to dress up warm!

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