Tesla Model S 7.1 Summon Enter

Tesla Model S 7.1 Summon Enter

Summon was able to open the garage door, however was got hung up on the lip into my garage. I restarted it when it paused for the lip, and it entered correctly. It may have worked if I had been more patient.

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20 Responses

  1. Thematrix078 says:

    Elon MuskBe Proud. :P

  2. stfuyougotktfo says:

    my beard grew 4 inches during this video, holy shit what a slow parker

  3. A350132243 says:


  4. Jared Hoagland says:

    Everyone is complaining about the speed… Of course it isn’t going to zip
    into the garage like a person. Think about how much slower you go when
    you’re pulling into someone else’s/garage, then add the fact that a self
    driving car won’t perform an action unless it has determined that it is
    completely safe.
    The slowness makes sense to me, and it’s not like you need to be present
    during that process.

  5. JoeyRodz74 says:

    The amount of BS being spewed in the comments is amazing. “shit takes too
    long”… for who, asswipe? The car doesn’t care and neither should you.
    Press the fucking button and run inside to finally piss.

    The reason its “slow” is because the car is running in current limited
    mode. It doesn’t want to accelerate over stuff it didn’t detect. There’s a
    little bump at the entrance of the garage that the car didn’t expect. A 2
    second software update can easily increase the total current/acceleration
    and problem solved. It’s not even a problem for fuck’s sake.

  6. Weberz Way says:

    Takes forever!

  7. Hugh Jainus says:

    Would it be so hard to just.. drive it forward by yourself?

  8. q1w2e3r4 says:

    Lol the panel gap on this jalopy is all over the place. Typical poorly made
    murican crap. Out of business within 24 months MAX.

  9. Osmosis says:

    Now lay something in the path.
    Like a empty box or something see how it handles that!

  10. Muhammad Al-Habash says:

    Geohot will lose sleep tonight.

  11. Kevin Mendez says:

    come on little guy, you can do it!

  12. Seo HyungSeok (서형석) says:

    Why are people saying this neighbourhood looks bad for that car? Are
    Americans really that superficial and live in extravagant houses? It looks
    fairly nice to me but whatever….

  13. burnzy3210 says:

    and while waiting for it to park you can buy christmas presents, wont be
    long now

  14. ginsengjin says:

    The neighborhood looks okay. It depends on where you live, in the northeast
    and west coast it’s not bad because prices for homes are a lot higher. In
    the south and mid-west, homes are really cheap so they think this is a bad
    neighboorhood, it really depends on where you live.

  15. Matt Aze says:

    digg title: “Allows Your Car To Clunkily Park Itself” – was assuming car
    was bumping into things. another bad digg title

  16. hamsterpaj111 says:

    i want a tesla :(

  17. MrRiggyRiggs says:

    wtf is wrong with that neighborhood? your own house looks like? thought
    so..keyboard warriors!

  18. Mike Barnard says:

    Anyone want to bet that by next week every single Model S and X using this
    feature is doing it faster and more smoothly because Tesla?

  19. KnoppersBomber says:

    Does it use Homelink automatically?

  20. Vinni Stamegna says:

    Can it parallel park