Tesla Unveils Model 3

Tesla Unveils Model 3

Tesla Unveils Model 3

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19 Responses

  1. SuperStarMcAwesome says:

    Elon Musk is a punk bitch
    He didn’t invent tesla, he was an investor who took over
    He will never be Jobs.

  2. 880User088 says:

    Elon looks a lot like Batman

  3. Danielle Arlington says:

    It’s the kind of car for the man who never wants to get laid.

  4. manish kumar says:

    why can’t elon speak properly ?

  5. DandanthedrivingMan says:

    The Multi-Billion $ Dollar Question: How times can you Recharge this
    energizer bunny car before needing a new battery pack? Asking for 2 yrs now
    and no scientists left on earth can answer this one !

  6. Muhammad Mirsab says:

    He looks like the bad guy from Arrow

  7. Ernesto Nina says:


  8. Sasha Asakura says:

    Holy fuck that is beautiful!!

  9. Steven Piepgras Lyager says:

    Now we just need a Tesla estate wagon for Europe.

  10. evdawgbeat says:

    Pure evil

  11. Tubby Tubbs says:

    I still would rather get the Dodge Challenger SRT hellcat more than these,
    dodge is more masculine

  12. Никита Лобанов says:

    We have more beautiful cars in RUSSIA! VAZ LADA VESTA model!

  13. lmz says:

    Tesla is the Apple Inc for car.
    Can’t wait for the stock value to go up.

  14. Paul Ramos says:

    Although oil has brought us to what we are right now, It also brought
    destruction and war along with it, It will be remembered but won’t be
    missed ;)

  15. Anton K says:

    I’ve never seen so many intelligent-looking people sound like wounded
    howler monkeys.
    (Great car, btw).

  16. Warunyou Dej-Udom says:

    This is quite long for an april fool video

  17. queque_ says:

    The stuttering ugh!! ??

  18. Matt Musky says:

    If it’s not an April Fools day joke then don’t make a big announcement on
    April 1st

  19. adshady4 says:

    thank you god !! elon musk exists