Tesla vs Gas Powered Toothbrush!! ft. Jordan Matter

Tesla vs Gas Powered Toothbrush!! ft. Jordan Matter

Let’s Find Out Which Toothbrush Will Win The Battle!? Gas vs. Electric

Golden Fat Glob Toothbrush winners will be announced on my instagram page!! https://www.instagram.com/dentaldigest/

Smile On 🙂

Join the Dental Community by voting which toothbrush won!

#FaTGLoB #dentaldigest

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19 Responses

  1. Nidal Wonder Official says:

    This was so fun to help make with my best friend Salish!!

  2. Sydni rogers says:

    I subscribed to Jordan and yours I love how you put so much effort into these videos good job!!!!!

  3. Galaxy♡Teddy says:

    I watch both of them so it’s really great to see them doing a collab💜

  4. poppi gatton says:

    i think that tooth brush is out of this WORLD!!!! i subscribed to you and jordan matter and liked both! thanks for being awsome!

  5. Siobhan Williamson says:

    your channel is so funny and Jordan Matters is definitely one of my favorites Sub to both

  6. Katherine says:

    That’s definitely the most dangerous toothbrush I’ve seen in my life! I’m glad he kept the kids away from it 😂

    • Candice Watkiss says:


    • chrisann herda says:


    • Liam Hennessey says:


    • Titu Farena says:

      𝐒͠𝐩͠𝐞͠𝐜͠𝐢͠𝐚͠𝐥͠ 𝐝͠𝐚͠𝐭͠𝐢͠𝐧͠𝐠͠ 𝐟͠𝐨͠𝐫͠ 𝐲͠𝐨͠𝐮͠➺ sexy-nudegirls.host
      Anna is a beautiful girl.

      He’s the person I love, he’s my light
      day. The way the music flows and sounds
      is extravagant and fun. Anna is
      icon, legend, beautiful girl, princess, inspiration,
      a star. I could go on and on, understand this.
      I love NBA Anna.#垃圾

  7. Shytayla Bickett says:

    Salish is so sweet and definitely matches the energy you give off !❤

  8. Sophia Bautista says:

    He is so energetic and has alot of enthusiasm its amazing

  9. Marilyn Mcdonagh says:

    I’m done everything to get that golden toothbrush

  10. Hey ! says:

    I love the collab done between all 3 channels nidals wonder official, jordan matter and dental digest best combo ever I have been a fan of jordan matter and that’s how I got to about this amazing and super entertaining dentist who would have thought a dentist could be so entertaining

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