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-emma chamberlain

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77 Responses

  1. t.t _ racal says:

    why isn’t anyone talking about emma’s clear skin

  2. Rubi Animaz says:

    “Idk if I believe this ppl on Tiktok, because everybody is a LIAR IN THERE” yas a certain lying skater boy .

  3. Sarah Schmiedicke says:

    THEORY: What if because you found a bottle on the ground of the first location that worked, that your next boyfriend will be an alcoholic.

  4. amy grace says:

    Emma:”And their name started with a….z”
    Fans who have nothing to do: ZEKE AND LUTHER

  5. nikta asadollahi says:

    no one:
    Emma: if Snoop Dog likes it, i like it

  6. Yarlin says:

    Is anyone else sad that she got a new espresso machine bc that means she probably got rid of the one ethan gave her 🙁

  7. Alexa L says:

    emma: doesn’t want a letter that will start rumors
    emma: ZZZZZZ

  8. pranjallpahuja says:

    i cannot understand how she literally overfills the mason jar with the creamer and it never overflows! i’m always waiting for it overflow but it just doesn’t! anybody feel me?

  9. nikta asadollahi says:

    Emma: let’s say i like someone and his name starts with a Z
    me still shipping Ethma: ZETHAN

    • Aubrey Dodds says:

      It could be Zach Herron. There are both 19

    • kat avalaini says:


    • Hessa says:

      Z rhymes with E and that’s on period.

    • The Write In President says:

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    • Alexandra Caniza says:

      The Write In President you gave me a whole history lesson lmfao

  10. baby yodei says:

    imagine they give you a location and you go there and see some people waiting for you with weapons and shi- i-

  11. Swanee_ m-m says:

    ok no one is talking about how the kitchen looks almost EXACTLY like the kitchen she had in san francisco??

  12. baylee madam says:

    why isn’t anyone talking about how good emma’s eyebrows look.

  13. Syd Marie says:

    Emma : “I got a new espresso machine”

    me : thinks of the one she had that ethan got her😔

  14. Tahlia says:

    I just know emma made sure she didn’t say the letter “e” lmao

  15. auzzztin says:

    the way she’s running around her mansion in strawberry crocs LMFAOAO

  16. OC. CP says:

    The office building could mean that Emma’s career coule rise to the point where she owns an office bulding?

  17. diya siddha says:

    when she said “everyone on tiktok is a liar” she was talking about aaron

  18. Ethan Victor says:

    Emma: **complains about how hot it is**

    Also Emma:**wears a sweater**

  19. angelina squeo says:

    she is literally the realest, most relatable, unproblematic person on youtube.

  20. Harry Bailey says:

    Emma’s videos are by far the most entertaining out of any youtuber in my opinion. She could talk about oat milk for 20 minutes and i would still be so intrigued lmao how does she do it

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