Testing Clickbait Hacks From Level 1 To Level 100!

Testing Clickbait Hacks From Level 1 To Level 100!

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18 Responses

  1. Isaac Lewis says:

    it need to be an anvil that has been used at least 24 times (heavily damaged anvil) in order to work. notice how the anvil disappears in the tiktok

  2. Wilson Tjung 1302010 says:

    The last one u have to use a really damaged anvil to duplicate it

  3. Soniclaughs says:

    13:18 you have to keep renaming it until the anvil breaks

  4. Rayhan Varghese says:

    You need a damaged anvil in the last one , it worked for me Eystreem did this

  5. Meljo Rajesh says:

    i think in the last one you need a 1 more use cracked anvil

  6. Nisorgo Rahman says:

    the last one works you just need to rename it until it breaks its easier to use a damaged anvil

  7. terrarianetic says:

    for the minecarft bouncing one, that actually does work in bedrock, as for some reason you dont lose momentum.

  8. TheHydraNL says:

    The duplication trick with the anvil only works when the anvil almost breaks

  9. Mrplep says:

    13:18 it actually works when the anvil breaks and its so awesome

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