Testing Mystery Objects (GAME) Ft. Jack Black

Testing Mystery Objects (GAME) Ft. Jack Black

Jack Black’s back! Today we’re playing a game to see if we can test mystery objects and guess their purpose with no context. GMM #1384

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48 Responses

  1. Jessica Ross says:

    Great having Jack back with the GMM pack…sorry had to finish the rhyme. Love watching three grown men scare and shock each other with unknown device!

  2. Andrej Nikolov says:

    “Right” in German is “Rechts”.

    “Left” in German is “Links”.

    Rhett sits on the right, and Link sits on the left.

    Let’s talk about that.

  3. aqualeo8188 says:

    Constructive criticism … I would like to play at home too … maybe for games like this could we wait a moment before putting the answer on screen?

    • ElementaryWatson says:


    • PyroNinja713 says:

      Some of us don’t and like being in on the joke. Why not just cover the part of the screen (the bottom) where the answer is displayed? It’s pretty standard across all their videos actually.

    • Galiant2010 says:

      I know they edit them directly in to be pretty, but I feel like it could be solved for both sides by adding them as annotations directly on YT so people can toggle them on or off.

  4. Mike Perry says:

    Link, Rhett, and Jack need a new weekly show called “Guess that Product” This was awesome.

  5. Vidgam says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny how they put the guest in the title but at the beginning they still hide the guest and reveal them like it’s a surprise

  6. Samantha Tuttle says:

    Omg. That acupuncture pen name sounds like a Wish listing. 😂

  7. Melanie Rose says:

    Jack is so effortlessly funny 😂

  8. Caleb says:

    Have Rhett and Link ever done a game with the longest movie titles? The title of this movie made me think of “The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain”. They should definitely do a long movie title game if they havent already.

  9. Sunny.bias says:

    Jack looks like their dad – Rhetts beard and Links glasses. Precious!!

  10. ragingfiip says:

    I loved Jack as a guest the first time around and I love him as a guest this time, as well! He seems like such a great, fun dude, and appears to have great chemistry with Rhett & Link. The way he annunciates certain words/phrases is hilarious and everywhere I see him, he’s just bursting with positive energy.

    • Philippe Gauvin says:

      Yes, well said exactly. Hes a very respectful and polite guest, he always participates, and he seems like a very down to earth guy. Best guest!

    • Cameryn Lamare says:

      Right!!! I couldn’t get over how funny this episode was! It’s not always you get a gem of an episode like this one!

  11. Vulkanite says:

    “It’s as easy as one, Two, THREEEEE!”

  12. Naiomi Northrup says:

    *its EASY AS 1..2..3! HIGHYA!*

  13. deprofundis says:

    “Let the bees take you away!!!”
    …like if you remember that episode! 😂

  14. Thomas Rubini says:

    Lol, most of these were featured on the Matthias channel.

  15. Sandy The Mop says:

    If It Ain’t Spicey, Don’t Try,,, the tomatoes.

  16. Mallorie Louann says:

    I’d like to see Rhett & Link try to do their random commercial challenge with some of these products😂

  17. IvoryTrance says:

    5:54 when you open the fridge and find nothing there

  18. Desiree Miller says:

    i think it’s safe to say to stay away from Link 😂 “shocker for kids”

  19. Brodie Hopkinson says:

    “My uncle’s a plant pusher” took me a second lol

  20. Ruby Is Here! says:


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