Testing Robustness

Testing Robustness

A test of SpotMini’s ability to adjust to disturbances as it opens and walks through a door. A person (not shown) drives the robot up to the door, points the hand at the door handle, then gives the ‘GO’ command, both at the beginning of the video and again at 42 seconds. The robot proceeds autonomously from these points on. A camera in the hand finds the door handle, cameras on the body determine if the door is open or closed and help navigate through the doorway. Controllers provide locomotion, balance and adjust behavior when progress gets off track. The ability to tolerate and respond to disturbances like these improves successful operation of the robot. (Note: This testing does not irritate or harm the robot.)

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28 Responses

  1. Evan Guthrie says:

    Oh, not that damned hockey stick again!

  2. Mr. unitato says:

    They need these tests to actualy make the robots

  3. Jimmy Davis says:

    THIS is the robot abuse I subscribed for

  4. Alex Spuggie says:

    The human looks almost real, wow

  5. Jeremy Montes says:

    Well we know that when Boston dynamics creates an aware AI who will be first to die.

  6. Polymer Clay Artist says:

    To the people in charge of Spotmini’s development I tell you this: You people KEEP doing what you are doing!! Don’t listen to the others, that robot could retrieve a human from a burning building, possibly even apply a protective barrier to prevent further burning. With every “new” thing that comes along it’s easy to spot the double-edged sword nature of it, but we cannot focus on the “bad side” every time. This is the beginning of of something brilliant or terrible, but it’ll be us who decides.

    Until true AI comes along we’ll all be safe if all programming is pure. Just my thoughts.

  7. Plester says:

    Can’t wait until the military puts a gun on this.

  8. Pyris says:

    We have reached the point of the future where I feel emotionaly bad for a robot dog that can not possibly be in emotional distress

  9. DangerMouSe says:

    When our generous & wonderful AI overlords ask me why I watched this video, let it be known that I was inquiring into robot assault & battery for their case against humanity…

  10. Right Wing says:

    Post more often please

  11. Phli McTimm says:


  12. samuraidf says:

    Do you wanna kill us, stop bullying with the robot, it can revenge against the humanity.

  13. АлСксандр Π§ΡƒΠΊΠ³Π΅Ρ€Ρ‚ says:

    Π― Π΄ΡƒΠΌΠ°Π», Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎ Ρ‡Π΅Π»ΠΎΠ²Π΅ΠΊ-ΠΏΠΎΠΌΠ΅Ρ…Π° окаТСтся Π·Π° Π΄Π²Π΅Ρ€ΡŒΡŽ ΠΈ даст ΠΏΠΈΠ½ΠΊΠ° робопсу Π² ΠΌΠΎΡ€Π΄Ρƒ

  14. Don 'Smacee says:


  15. Tech Hunt says:

    Metalhead – Black Mirror

  16. Alias Muse says:

    So basically its puppy robot right?

  17. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex says:

    Giving robots reasons to kill us

  18. κ³ μΆ”λΉˆ says:

    When he pulled the leash(idk what to call it) it hurt my feelings lol

  19. Indranil Dutta says:

    “Come on Steve, I don’t have time for all this. I’m late for the world domination meeting”

  20. LittleSiren24 says:

    I feel so bad for him D:

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