Testing Scary Minecraft Lies That Are Actually True

Testing Scary Minecraft Lies That Are Actually True

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37 Responses

  1. @PrestonPlayz says:

    Which truth did you have NO IDEA ABOUT!?

  2. @prnv69 says:

    Can we all just thank Preston of how much effort he puts into his videos just for us ❤❤❤

  3. @gigilamichhane says:

    Yea we should be so happy to have a YouTuber who puts his heart to make these videos for us

  4. @TAP_ME_TO_GET_50K_ROBUX_ojs says:

    These are my favourite type of Minecraft videos he makes 😄🎮

  5. @janzdontogangalasgas4450 says:

    Yo bro i love his content, He never fails to entertain us 😊

  6. @jacquelinelayton8031 says:

    Love you preston! Great videos!

  7. @user-qb7dl1bw8j says:

    For the second myth. The player was under the campfire

  8. @laurenelamparo says:

    Preston Playz, this video was awesome! These myths I thought were just fake, but seeing you testing all of these myths, I think they are real. It has something to do with some minecraft rituals that are very creepy, but scary at the same time. The nether one is actually a terrain error that I don’t exactly remember how it generates. Could be a natural spawning structure. I like your videos so much, Preston and I can’t wait for you to test more myths and debunk them. Next video, can you do a challenge with Chase and the other Firenation team to see who can build the craziest builds of all time, please Preston? Anyways, I am a huge fan of your videos! 🔥🔥🔥

  9. @judybaiza6243 says:

    ❤Amazing content, I love this!🎉

  10. @masondelveaux5258 says:

    Yep responding at night is actually possible😂

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