Testing Scary Minecraft Seeds That Are Actually True

Testing Scary Minecraft Seeds That Are Actually True

Busting Terrifying Minecraft Story, Lore and Secrets to prove them wrong! Are these real? Or just fake clickbait 😲

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💙 Huge thanks and credit to these awesome creators for inspiring today’s video: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_UilMRDHRNSZ3VyzxhW0fQ6_T5GfizFUlMGCI20vPGI/edit?usp=sharing
🎵 Music from: http://share.epidemicsound.com/wn87w

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42 Responses

  1. Blueboy says:

    Who Has Been Watching Eyetreem For A Long Time?

  2. I says:

    If a Eystreem video was 10 hours long, I would finish it in *10 minutes*

  3. Ghirahim says:

    Here’s a thought. Why don’t you get a separate pc to do these on so if it gets a virus, your main pc is unaffected.

  4. •The_First_Fredbear•∆• says:

    wait if you use silk touch on a spawner it drops?

  5. Sky Guy Alt says:

    At 5:52 you see Eystreem extract items from hoppers… but this is not due to the seed or terrain glitch, but instead an unresolved bug. I know bc Eystreem has tested something similar in a video in 2020. The pug spawner happens when a spawner and a chest generate in the same block, glitching it. Also there are 2 dungeons so that’s why there are 2 spawners. In fact, it can theoretically happen on any seed, it just need right generation. I’ve had several seeds where that has happens so unless those seeds are also cursed, then the seed he tests here is not.

  6. Corey Brown says:

    Hi eystreem

  7. Bibiana Pinto says:

    @eystrem the reason the pigs weren’t spawing is because they require grass blocks to spawn

  8. SuperiorShiba says:

    So I watched this very carefully when eystreem first died and I noticed something odd he fell through the snow and the snow fell as-well,… snow is not a gravity block besides the snow layers (I forgot what they where Called lol) and the snow layers CANNOT spawn without a block under him so I have a theory about the phobia world…did the seed change the textures of sand to snow just to get him killed?…

  9. KYLIE WIGGINS says:

    i wont lie this would be a good seed for speedruns

  10. Ben N. says:

    removing chunks?

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