Testing the World’s Most Hated Tool

Testing the World’s Most Hated Tool

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Are universal sockets as bad as people say? We bought a bunch of Gator Grips to find out how useful they REALLY are?

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59 Responses

  1. Donut Media says:

    What tool should we test next?

  2. Josh Alsabeh says:

    Oil Filter wrenches would be sick to see.. the three different kinds of them as up against each other

    • Badazz says:

      Strap wrench is the best IMO jaws when jiffy lube tightens the oil filter with a half inch impact

    • CAMUI GACKT says:

      I’m a chevy lubetech. I have band type oil filter wrench, Turn-and-close 3 jaws socket, and normal oil filter pliers. I use all of them every day. If you’re not mechanic and trying to find a best tool for oil filter change, it really depends on what car you have. For example, some toyota cars, you need a special socket. oil filter wrenches won’t work.

      By the way, circle steel band type filter wrench works most of the time.

    • Hunter Altman says:

      I have always just stabbed a screwdriver through the old filter to spin it and just screw on the new one

    • Dexisnotsexy says:

      Hey guys I just got my first car last week, I’ve been watching alot of Donut videos and always hear the crew talk about forums and was wondering where I can find these forums for cars, my car is a 2011 subaru impreza 2.5i sedan. Any info would be greatly helpful

    • Dog Dog says:

      Jesus loves you alot trust in His death 4 salvation and be saved from eternal hell <3 Jesus died on the cross for you bro.

  3. Just Jeff Home says:

    I’ve had limited success with this tool. It’s useful occasionally for jacked up bolts and things like ceiling hooks (as seen on tv!). But they are definitely not a do-it-all replacement tool by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Chasm 95 says:

      @Just Jeff Home I guess it’s one of those things where I’ve done it enough that I just have a couple laying around.

    • Just Jeff Home says:

      @Chasm 95 yeah, but I’ve already got a gatorgrip lying around. And I don’t have to go to the store.

    • Chasm 95 says:

      If you’re talking about drop ceiling bolts you hang the grid from, you can go to a hardware store and get a screw bit that’s designed to screw them into place.

    • Just Jeff Home says:

      @TRU-TONE good for you? It’s still not as effective as using the proper tool.

    • Clonescope says:

      Yeah my father got a non name brand Gator grip for real cheap for those once-in-a-blue-moon bolts so he probably used it every like five years.

  4. micro Graham says:

    I have one of these, and honestly, for like simple jobs, it is pretty handy because you don’t have to keep going back to your toolbox. As long as you don’t use it under a lot of torque it’s handy.

    • OllamhDrab says:

      A better-made (maybe old) one actually doesn’t suck, to my experience. I mean, bear in mind what it even is before hauling on it hard or something, but it has its applications.

    • 402 SHO says:

      @micro Graham I Ugga all the time maybe it’s because it’s a impact rated grip socket. Mine has held up for a year of using it maybe once a week.

    • Nino McCurley says:

      I’m with you I’ve used mine for nearly 8-10 years. Great for hooks and smaller things like u said, not something I use on my vehicle or anything that needs real tools lol

    • David F. says:

      Exactly. This is designed for light duty, it’s for your average joe who might use a socket wrench once or twice a year.

    • グルグ says:

      Grug no like ugga dugga snap god
      Bad omen

  5. Keith Baker says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t immediately lose the socket after using it for the 10mm lol 😆

  6. Lewis Wright says:

    This saved me a trip to the store once after sitting in my tool box for years unused. It’s good for low torque bolts if you cant find a socket or something. For big jobs, just use a standard socket

    • Ixionn says:

      I agree with this sentiment 100%. It’s an absolute useless piece of junk 99% of the time, but it’s so small, you might as well just keep it around for those 1% of times it could actually come in handy.

    • Oscar Solo says:

      if you cant find a socket or something go buy one

    • SPEDLER says:

      I use the magnet for rc car bolts lol I wouldn’t dare use it on my actual truck

    • scrimshady69 says:

      what if my sockets are metric

    • Clonescope says:

      My father had one and he had a just for those bolts you would run across once in a blue moon and to this day it’s it’s in the tool chest waiting for that probably we haven’t had to use it in about five years.

  7. Michael Williams says:

    These are indeed PERFECT for hooks and eye bolts. They are also pretty handy if a bolt is already kind of rounded or youve lost a socket. As with most of the “As Seen On TV” stuff, its good for around the house odds and ins, but not good for an actual job.

  8. Matt McRedbeard says:

    I would just love to get a job at an auto shop and stroll in with this bad boy first day on the job lol

  9. Warren_M_28703 says:

    We use Gator Grips at our job….they are pretty useless, but come in handy when you don’t have everything with you, such as wrenches, sockets, etc.. When I’m out “in the field”, I cant lug around 250+ tools where I go.

    It isn’t a literal “field”….that’s just what we call it. Lol, but yeah…..we go through Gator Grips like candy.

    • Dubtee says:

      Going through them like candy is a good sign you should invest in some real tools.
      Not trying to be rude but, if you’re spending 20-30 bucks on these things, and consistently shredding them, expecting a different result, then that’s being insane and wasting money.

    • Smitty WerbenYeagermenJenson says:

      @Zoltrix77 sometimes you’re carrying more than just a socket set for your job though.

      Putting a single socket and small ratchet in one of you pockets could be the difference between one and two trips everywhere you go. Even though the socket sucks, it can be better than the alternative in some situations.

    • Chuck Heinklemann says:

      I actually am literally out “in a field” with a toolbox a lot..I work for a farm equipment service..Damn tractors never break down near the freaking road.

    • Paul Frederick says:

      Oh, I think you can lug around 250+ tools where you go. You just need a tool packout kit.

  10. micro Graham says:

    Do you think a similar tool but with different pin shapes would work better? Like hexagonal shaped pins?

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