Tevin Farmer Has A Message For Gervonta Davis

Tevin Farmer Has A Message For Gervonta Davis

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86 Responses

  1. Marc Avon Evans says:

    Tevin Farmer! Congratulations Brother!

  2. Alejandro Arzaga says:

    I’d rather see Jojo Diaz vs Farmer

  3. M R says:

    Gervonta stay beating up uber drivers as usual and fanboys glorify it smh.

    • M R says:

      Francis White He’s been active for 6+ years. Nothing wrong with tune up tomato cans fights here in there. Don’t call someone best in the division when their whole resume is tomato cans.

    • Julio Hernandez says:

      @JAX FLORIDA This “Mandatory” as you called it had NEVER fought outside of his country. That is all I need to know about the quality and credentials of this guy. Get a clue my friend.

    • Julio Hernandez says:

      @Tee Breeze Good point about Farmer, problem is that some people around these quarters talk about Davis like he is the second coming of Mike Tyson without any significant victory to back up those claims.

    • M R says:

      Julio Hernandez Exactly, nobody is saying tank sucks or can’t be the best. But its foolish to call him the best when he ain’t fight anybody credible.

    • James Carle says:

      @Desmond KING He also got dropped on other occasions & got his face mutilated by Pedraza. Loma’s chin is super weak & he has very low KO power.

      He does have a ton of experience against amateurs though.

  4. Al A88 says:

    Wow he was very professional during this interview. Congratulations on the win champion. Well deserve ???

    • timothy johnson says:

      This is the best Interview i ever seen in combat sports

    • ayo30s says:

      Right, ????✌?????

    • WSSH SHOP says:

      ? What is the biggest thing I hate about boxing racist fake boxing fans online and at the fights. It’s not even white people it is mainly Mexican people 95 percent of the time just keeping it 100. This man boxed dam good and you get these pieces of shit with no class upset he won. I don’t boo Mexican fighters if they are good and not cheaters. Canelo used peds so fuck him. Everyone else cool. ?

  5. Extremist says:

    Gervonta time to step it up and take on some champs!

    • albert blandshaw says:

      John Paul R.V Nah the Fact that he got a title shot in his second professional after losing his first professional fight is unprecedented. That’s why they want to deem the WBO a non major title

    • Bumpkin Boi says:

      Tevin Farmer is a hater

    • Ochoa Bey says:

      Gervontay will slaughter him. It wont be a fight.”

    • Robert Smith says:

      Can somebody plz tell me wtf Farmer is fighting or has fought?? No fucking body!!! Stop wirh the bs plz. And he feels like he’s the man it’s other names he can call out… BUT ask Tank said.. He’s the cash cow

    • Tim Boogie says:

      Y’all gotta realize that these fighters have little to no say on who they fight next….you should put your energy on the people behind gervonta like floyd

  6. whats up says:

    Farmer has a new fan.

  7. Nick X says:

    Much respect to Tevin. He’s right, fans don’t be respectful towards Boxers. However, I am respectful towards you all. Be safe and please go home to your families.

    • Tone says:

      @Rod S True. Very true the avg White fan will carry an American flag everywhere they go, but will pull for a fighter from another country before they pull for a Black American fighter. But to be fair the boxing game has always been more of a racial, ethnic loyalty kind of sport. I just know personally I’m not pulling for any foreign fighter over any American regardless of race or ethnicity.

    • Miguel Ramos says:

      This foo farmer sucks garbage

    • BIG DRU says:

      Casey Clemons Word! I gave my belt up last week and quit too…fuck fans…

    • Roy Nelson says:

      Liam try ignoring them, is getting mad is what they want. They’re trolling lazy fat idiots who we both know won’t say shit except behind a keyboard

    • Rojo says:


  8. Camerontino says:

    I almost feel bad for Tevin Farmer…
    Nobody wanna give him credit for his hard work..

  9. Itwasbound2happen Itoldyou says:

    The fans gone be around rather u dead or alive! Real spill!

    • Kevin Nixon says:


    • D Boy Fresh says:

      At the end of the day they just wanna get a check and get back to they’re family safe mfs will work a regular 9-5 for a few hundred but talk shit about fighters for getting millions if y’all can make that kind of money to fight “CANS” you would do it and not give af about ppl hatin on you let them niggaz eat ?

    • ayo30s says:

      Hmm… ?????✌?????

  10. GYM HUSTLE says:

    Boxing fan are so disrespectful!!!

    • AJ Fans’ Tears Are Delicious says:

      Only in america. We never support our guys. If he was in russia or japan or some shit, the crowd would be more respectful

    • Stephen Fields says:

      Worst fans in all sports

    • Crazy Rick says:

      God bless this man real champ

    • Marcus Aurelius says:

      @AJ Fans’ Tears Are Deliciousbullshit. You obviously never been overseas when Americans beat their champs. Look at what the British fans did to Hagler when he beat their guy. PEOPLE AS A WHOLE are shit right now, this generation of Americans are just talkers. They’ve done nothing at all to be so prideful.

    • Angry Leo5 says:

      Yup can’t fight for shit themselves????

  11. The better man says:

    I don’t understand what is wrong with some persons….. Tevin Farmer is a great guy, smart man and an amazing boxer who started to boxe so late that’s crazy only to think it, he was in a ring few months after someone shot his hand and this man never looking for excuses or trash talk……and they criticize him because he’s not the pupil of Floyd Jr, smh…..
    Congratulations champ for another well deserved victory.

    • Joel Vance says:

      They are in Baltimore people. The home of Tank. Of course they were going to boo. Would you expect an Auburn fan to cheer for a roll tide player, Red Sox for a yankee, wolverine for a Buckeye in their on back yard?

    • Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully says:

      Yeah I don’t get it I’m Loma fan but I’m fan of Farmer too he’s a way better personality than Davis way more genuine and I don’t understand why Farmer doesn’t get any of the hype Davis does I think Tevin beats him

    • The better man says:

      @Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully me too…..i like both Loma and Tevin

    • The better man says:

      @Joel Vance yeah because you don’t know what it is a genuine respect in rivalry,people can be high for the fight showing class or is too much to ask ????……Baltimore has nothing to do with it because I’m talking in general , Tevin is target of fans of Tank and Floyd Jr so far and for stupid reasons…..nice try though.

    • Joel Vance says:

      The better man this is nothing new. In general pac fans disrespect Floyd for no reason. Don’t act like this is only exclusive to farmer. Cut it out buttercup!!

  12. bonginkosi nkosi says:

    For him to say “They can boo, I don’t care about the crowd” in front of the crowd ?


  13. Trevon Williams says:

    Fans were totally disrespectful. Tevin Farmer is a true champ

  14. tony hernandez says:

    After he said that crowd comment they all stayed quiet??

  15. Call Me Vacay says:

    “Fans will be there if you’re alive or dead” facts.

  16. Phil B says:

    Well said Tevin about the fans, most of them never laced a pair of gloves up and done one round. Respect to you!

  17. Marcus Davidson says:

    Those people booing are not boxing fans but hooligans,respect to Tevin Farmer for holding his ground

  18. Quintillion says:

    Tevin Farmer is one of the realest boxers out there. Congratz on another win Tevin. we’re rooting for ya.
    RiP Pernell Whitaker RiP Maxim Dadashev

  19. CHOSEN 7 KINGS says:

    His words were on point & effective similar to Rocky’s speech that Won the hearts of the Russian Fans, A lot of truth & Reality Spoken*

  20. Jonibek Nazriev says:

    Respect to this dude, people who know boxing know what he’s talking about .

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