Texans vs. Ravens | NFL Week 12 Game Highlights

Texans vs. Ravens | NFL Week 12 Game Highlights

The Houston Texans take on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 12 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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94 Responses

  1. Kybron 18-1 Forever says:


  2. Jeffrey House says:


    Oh wait, no one cares

  3. Kaleb Artise says:

    They still not whopping my Steelers

  4. Zane Lynch says:

    Ravens Lions should be good, Ravens win 24-23

  5. Mikey Martinez says:

    Yates needed to start already.

  6. Allahja Flowers says:

    tom savage is worse than jay cutler…..

  7. Malik Lander says:

    Ravens playing hard for the playoffs this year, they can be a dangerous team if they make it

    • DAWGPOUND says:

      Malik Lander every team has lost the following week after they beat the Texans

      Ravens ” Soon to be ”
      Rams ” Vikings
      Seahawks ” redskins
      Colts ” Steelers
      Chiefs ” Steelers
      Patriots ” panthers
      Jaguars ” titans

      See my point?

    • Jacen crumbo says:

      Jordan Frary Every key player on the ravens is so old. can you really look at the roster and believe they still have what it takes going into their mid 30’s. There window has already closed its time for them to rebuild

    • griizze says:

      Jacen crumbo only Suggs Flacco and Yanda and Weddle are in that category

    • Aidan Powell says:

      Fabian Casillas we will certainly make the playoffs, and we’ll have to play either the Chargers, Titans, or Jaguars in the first round. That’s a W. Then we play the Patriots and we have a chance against them imo. Lastly, we’ll probably have to play the Steelers and we’ll win that. Then we’ll beat the Saints in the Super Bowl.

    • TRAVEETV says:

      Stop it, they can’t beat the Steelers or the pats….L

  8. Brandon Marshall #MarshThatAss #hunnit15 says:

    Looks like the Texans need me

  9. Ndudi Enwereuzor says:

    To people saying Joe Flacco sucks, it’s not entirely his fault for the terrible offense. Our offensive line is playing horrible which never gives Flacco enough time which results in sacks and him forcing the ball into coverage hoping for a play. Not to mention his receivers hardly get open, especially down the field. To those saying I’m making excuses for him… I’m just trying to protect my quarterback, he’s been getting rusty but he’s still an elite to me and other raven fans.

  10. Logan Ross says:

    R.I.P Texans playoff hopes

  11. Sean Cain says:

    Savage sucks

  12. Giordanny Rosado-Rivera says:

    TBH i do understand tom savage is bad but hes goin againts one of the top defense……Lets get ravens take dubs.

  13. Aidan Shea says:

    the ravens are on the rise

  14. Melancholy says:

    Watching this game just gives the feeling Watson would’ve shredded this defense apart. You could see the frustration on the sideline as they’re helpless

  15. Lorien Arruga Mecucci says:

    At 0:56 u heat “that’s bullshit madafacka

  16. Best Ever !! says:

    Ravens need a new offensive coordinator ASAP that offensive play calling is weakkkkkkkkk..

  17. Johnny Gray says:

    It’s sad how these teams continue 2 lose year after year. The Texans head coach was like damn man, if I had my way, I’d have Colin Kaepernick out there. But nope, wins don’t count in the NFL, we’ll just watch Tom Brady rewrite the record books every year. Sweet Ol Politics ‼️

  18. So Blitz says:

    No lie gotta love them black uniforms. Looking hella bad

  19. #Texans4Life! #DeshaunWatson4 says:

    GG Ravens good luck on your season!

  20. Sebastian Martinez says:


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