Texas church shooting leaves many dead – BBC News

Texas church shooting leaves many dead – BBC News

At least 27 people have died after a gunman opened fire at a church in Texas during Sunday services, police say.
The attack happened at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs in Wilson County.
Police official Albert Gamez Jr confirmed the number of fatalities to CBS News.
The gunman, who is reported to have been killed in the aftermath, entered the church and opened fire at around 11:30 local time (17:30 GMT).
“The details are kind of sketchy but what I know right now, what they’re telling me, like 27 deceased and over 20, 25 injured,” Mr Gomez Jr said.
“They’re talking about the shooter is dead also,” he added.
One witness, Carrie Matula, told NBC News: “We heard semi-automatic gunfire… we’re only about 50 yards away from this church.”
President Trump, on a tour of Asia, tweeted: “May God be with the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI and law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan.”

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20 Responses

  1. Spoderman says:

    just another shooting to cover up all these pedophiles being exposed and more to come

  2. The Decafe says:

    You should have kept the New Covenant Passover everybody

  3. ngawang chime says:

    “If the shooter is:

    Black = thug (we need stronger law enforcement)

    Hispanic = illegal rapist & murder (we need stronger walls & border enforcement)

    Muslim =Terrorist (we need stronger travel ban)

    White Christian = loner mentally unstable (just needed a hug and someone to listen to him)””
    I agree with this statement!

  4. Ricardo Cartagena says:

    What is this world coming to…………. 😭

  5. Thomas Thomas says:

    The solution is so obvious,Priests in Amerika should wear combat helmets and preach behind a machine gun turret,the congregation must be given bullet proof vests when they attend church,why cant the Yanks see that?

  6. Moozensoo says:

    well, they’re the ones who don’t want gun control so Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

  7. Juan Villegas says:

    If it was a Muslim Donald Trump would call it a terrorist attack and attempt to place a Muslim ban again, but if it’s a white person he wouldn’t give two shits or just say β€œit’s an act of evil” like the Vegas shooting

  8. Alexliftz Style says:

    R.I.P people at the Texas Shooting πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Œβœ¨

  9. Thelma Achufusi amuzie says:

    Why kill in the church though?

  10. yujil da says:

    white boys need guns to compensate for having small d1cks

  11. 2 Noobs Play says:

    It truly hurts to know that an SNL skit is still at the top of the trending page.

  12. Pierce Cathey says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that there’s rick and morty deviant art.

  13. Uptown Duppy says:

    This year is so bizarre and dark

  14. MrChivitas11 says:

    So I guess in Texas where everyone has a gun couldn’t even stop this person from killing these 27 people smh banning guns or allowing guns won’t stop shooters. I for one will protect myself and get licensed to carry.

  15. Come Fly with me says:

    where is the ” religion of peace trolls” in the comment section? I guess this is most likely #WhiteTerror

  16. Joel Torres says:

    Our prayers with all the people affected by this tragedy πŸ™

  17. WOODYSOOPY says:

    And all shooters say “thanks government for let us have guns”

  18. Jerry Leskiv says:

    Why would this person do this? You killing people for no reason, this is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Genesis event10000 says:

    Gun control comments in 3….2….1

  20. Grace Christian says:

    For sure it was a sad, lost, confused athiest!! That attacker is dead and gone to hell but those poor christians are with jesus now!!

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