Texas Gov. Abbott gives emotional update on shooting

Texas Gov. Abbott gives emotional update on shooting

A teary-eyed Gov. Greg Abbott asks parents to give their kids a “big hug” in his first press conference since the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs shooting where at least 26 people were killed.

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20 Responses

  1. jesus lasso says:

    There are a lot of comments on gun control but no one is describing it. Please describe it for me. What policy would keep this from happening exactly?

  2. NEK MINUT says:

    Your countries fucked. MURICA the land of mass shootings.

  3. Skeptical Sloth says:

    Pray to god? Thats what they were doing when they got shot, we need action not talking into the ground

  4. fopperer says:

    but of course: not the time to talk about gun control…

  5. i love meow meow says:


  6. T Dubb says:

    NRA advised preachers to wear shotguns and a small submachine gun while preaching in the States. NRA donate 10.000 rounds of hollow points and 5.000 rounds of armor piercing

  7. Stealth Anomaly 3 says:

    Where’s the “teary-eyes” or “emotional” governor at; I just see someone talking and trying (and failing) to sound emotional. How do people fall for this miserable acting and scripted stories is beyond me.

  8. tijman1 says:

    Wheres my gun ? I need to go buy some more bullets LOL

  9. Raul Vazquez says:

    time to start banning white terrorist men from the USA

  10. Rikki Tikki Tavi says:

    They really wanna take people`s guns because they- know a lot of people are waking up to the zionist jews lie’s.

  11. dulsen2011 says:

    Call it what it is Americans
    White = crazy
    Arab = terrorist
    Black = a thug deserves to be shoot

  12. Henry McComments says:

    It’s like domestic or foreign terrorist are trying to one up each other

  13. Roxanne Chicken Nuggets says:

    Come on another one? Idk man, you americans should probably do something about those guns… At least talk about it

  14. Important BusinessCat says:

    Okay, how about some Gun Control legislation?

  15. Rimon Ahmed says:

    Is he borrowing Obama’s tone

  16. Patriot of Justice says:

    You ever seem to notice that the pro-gun control liberals are the ones shooting people, and then the corrupt Democratic Party moves in promoting gun control? Suspicious all this bloodshed happens when they are being investigated for rigging the 2016 election for Hillary and having the Seth Rich murder investigated.

  17. Supreme Nig says:


  18. rick leonard says:

    Sad yes ,But it appears to me Gov Abbot is an idiot that wants to say something profound every time he opens his mouth . Brave police officers ? it was over by the time they arrived and they had to be given direction to where the dead dude was . I appreciate the difficult jobs cop have but enough with the fricken hero worship. The real first responders are always the citizens .Cops should be called “follow up responders”

  19. Pasta Pirate says:

    Wow he’s short.


  20. dog1216 says:

    Why can’t he be president?

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