Texas school shooting suspect identified

Texas school shooting suspect identified

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has been identified as the suspect in the Texas high school shooting that left 10 people dead, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said.

Pagourtzis is being held on capital murder charges with no bond. More charges may follow, the sheriff said.

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100 Responses

  1. Sean O'Keefe says:

    Metal detectors and searches

    • Ante SeKe says:

      Christopher Lehmann That’s what I’m saying, bad parenting plays huge role in violent crimes. I would say that 90% of gun owners are responsible ones, but there is always someone that will make majority look bad…

      About ‘my first rifle’ , those are sporting bolt action rifles (you have to manually put another bullet after shooting) and they are hardly lethal because of low caliber bullet.

      If we are talking about solutions, this is what comes to mind:
      >short term; armed security in every school, metal detectors possibly and media would not show faces and names of shooters

      >long term; education on guns, big improvement of mental health care (even tho I read that they hardly make 5%-10% of violent crimes), also better education on parenting.

      Feel free to give more solutions, I can tell you’rr not ignorant. Cheers!

    • Andrew Kennedy says:

      Ya… because the shooter is gonna take the time to walk through a metal detector before shooting up the school… ??‍♂️ The shooter doesn’t need to get into the school before shooting it up- they can just walk through the doors in the process of shooting.

    • Ante SeKe says:

      Andrew Kennedy He wouldn’t walk thru security, that’s why 98% of school shootings are gun free zones…

    • Andrew Kennedy says:

      Ante SeKe Idk what you’re trying to say. Metal detectors are useless is what I’m saying.

    • Ante SeKe says:

      Andrew Kennedy I disagree, I would say that they are better than ‘gun-free zone’ signs…

      Armed security(at least) and metal detectors, they work fine for airports, courts etc..

  2. Semluh says:

    It’s always the European people

  3. whoo else says:

    For all of you who keep saying to stop showing his face…i say to hell with that! Lets keep showing the world who the real terrorists are.

  4. tomchoi74 says:

    The Nazi symbole on his facebook post is significant red flag but the satanic star as his facebook background picture is not?

    • tomchoi74 says:

      well, there is that but without even getting “religious” or spiritual, it’s a fact that Satanic cults and satanic practices exists and more people are involved in it in real life than you think. And because of the internet, it’s easy for them to target young kids. Weather Satan is real or not is another debate, but either way these people believe in it and practices these believes and rituals. Most don’t want to talk about this or even think about it but this is reality. It should be investigated seriously how involved or associated the kid was in Satanism and the occult!

    • SariaChord0TouchWeb says:

      The Symbol is actually a part of an album on Bandcamp. I think it is meant to be viewed in quite an alarming way, but only in the fact that is a part of an musical album that has a scary-horror movie feel to it.

    • tomchoi74 says:

      maybe that’s all it is, but maybe not. All I’m saying it’s worth looking into just like the swastika might or might not be significant.

    • emergcon says:

      people dening the holocaust cuz they saw some youtube video should be never allowed near a school also.


  5. joanna martinez says:

    Trent coats should not be allowed to be worn at school . . Don’t we learn from Columbine

    • joanna martinez says:

      Where I’m from all this area a trent coat is considered dress code violation

    • Kelvin Carter says:


    • Snek says:

      he could’ve wore a suit and did the same thing. evil whiteboys

    • Kelvin Carter says:

      I hope that the Governor of Texas hands down the DEATH PENALTY for this white boy because he maybe Russian like those 2 brothers who used a pressure cooker in the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING . Enuff said .

  6. Casperhqdk says:

    ♫ This is America ♫

  7. myster8086 says:

    It’s ok for white people to leave all kinds of n words on videos involving a black person but when you point out their hobbies of mass shootings and serial killing, all of a sudden we have a problem smh.

    • EWE! says:

      @Snek TOUCHED ME! :- (

    • Autism Is My Superpower says:

      The King in the North
      Meanwhile in the Middle East… the vast majority of homeless children are raped. Meanwhile in Papa New Guinea… Jesus fucking Christ.

    • Autism Is My Superpower says:

      Such low verbal IQ from people who like to postulate themselves as being superior to the right-wing “terrorists”. Seriously learn what the word “terrorist” means, for your own sake, I don’t mind if you decide not to as it provides a steady supply of entertainment.

    • GhostTrain H4ze says:

      Johnny This fuckin angry grandpa really just wrote an entire essay lmao. Your racist blood must be boiling

  8. MrSlick says:





    a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims

    For all you people that say it’s terrorism. No its not unless it was for political reasons. It’s most likely mental illness

    • Autism Is My Superpower says:


      I’m not sure you understand how citizenship works. Assuming you’re Hispanic, it wouldn’t come as a surprise.

    • ObscurePerspective says:

      Autism Is My Superpower im not sure you understand that im making fun of you. You couldnt even get the joke. Bravo. Instead you went full on retard.

    • MrSlick says:

      ObscurePerspective I’m from Canada so i will have good luck with that

    • Mercy Main says:

      American here! It’s important for our citizens to get up to date with our FEDERAL definition of terrorist. It can be found on the FBI website. MrSlick has it right!

    • AJ says:

      Of course you’d say it’s a “mental illness” you fucking clown lol. We all know this kid did this out of his own will, no mental illness here… just pure hatred and evil deeds

  9. Priestess Auset Ra Amen says:

    Please believe if these shootings were being done by a different hue, something would have been done a long time ago. At this point I don’t even feel safe sending my children to school, homeschooling is looking like a much more safer alternative. We can blame big pharma all we want, but some of these parents need their asses prosecuted too, with having all these guns, that these domestic terrorist have access to. It’s long past the time of sending prayers, which is not stopping the carnage, schools must be outfitted with metal detectors at every entrance, bullet proof glasses on the classrooms and an armed guard well trained at every school. This is just ridamdiculous. Why in the hell are all these white boy’s shooting up schools, this shit is like they are hunting people and no one damn thing is being done, but the usual tired ass rhetoric. I am not against guns, in fact I am a proud responsible gun owners, but these children come from homes of reckless ass gun owners are we going to start sending these parents to prison with their serial ass killer kids? I want to know!! Another thing I notice they always take these pos murderers alive, meanwhile black folks getting murdered left and right by thugs in blue, that never are brought upon charges, while I know their are good cops, but the rotten apples are not being dealt with. The collective is tired of this shit!!!

  10. Cake Knight says:

    sensing a lot of white hate in the comments

    • Maurice Smith says:

      Poke King exactly. They want to ban ppl. But can’t even take when others just talk about them lol. Its actually hilarious.

    • Autism Is My Superpower says:

      Poke King
      One is an ideology, one is a race. Whiteness isn’t denoted by following a set of bad ideas. And not all Arabs/Africans are Muslim. Quit conflating race with religion.

    • Sunshine /// says:

      By white people

    • GhostTrain H4ze says:

      Looks awfully similar to whites blaming all Muslims after an ISIS attack. Get used to it.

  11. Ian Atkinson says:

    Nazi and Communist badges together? That doesn’t sound right.

    • Calla Antoinette says:

      Ian Atkinson he was autisitc and just stupid.

    • Abram Carroll says:

      Nazi and Communist are the same shit different lies. They are reds.

    • Merckill says:

      The iron cross is not a nazi symbol, in Germany it is still used in the army.

    • Ian Atkinson says:

      The point is, they generally kill each other and consider themselves poles apart. Yanks don’t seem to understand this. Red American states would be blue in the rest of the world, and liberal states would be purplish. You have no genuine reds – you had them all killed when your rich elite got sick of Roosevelt’s new deal helping workers and the poor, and have been panicking that they might be hiding under the bed since.

  12. Da'Chief says:

    A shotgun and revolver ? Oh no, the liberals don’t know what to do because it wasn’t an assault rifle – maybe it has nothing to do with specific weapons you morons?

    • Christopher Lehmann says:

      SmashStomp Inc People clamor for speed limits all the time, otherwise there wouldn’t be any, you moron

    • Christopher Lehmann says:

      SmashStomp Inc And a MAGA cap in his closet

    • Christopher Lehmann says:

      Louie Pancoast You’re fake

    • Christopher Lehmann says:

      spotliteWmidnite Oh no, he’s greek by heritage. Fucking moron, both attackers in Columbine we’re american

    • Christopher Lehmann says:

      SF Buzzingbees Knifes have other purposes, guns have not. Guns do more damage in an shorter amount of time, if not then I’d suggest the US military should switch to swords, keeps ammunitions costs low. Knifes need physical effort, guns do not, knifes need the victim to be close, guns do not, you can try to outrun someone with an knife, you can’t outrun a bullet

  13. Jack Leó says:

    Trumps fault.

  14. ky malone says:

    O a white boy who would have guessed

  15. The 2K KING says:

    I knew, he was white. But not all white people are like this. This individuals makes hia group look bad

    • Truyardy says:

      Jawa Josh I can sense the subtle bigotry in your comment. You might as well quit trying to disguise it. According to almost every source, Black on Black crimes are DECREASING. It’s not on the “rise”. This goes for all races, not just Blacks. Crimes in general have declined drastically within the last 20 yrs. You can look that up. As for your claim about Black homicides not getting covered, that is also inaccurate. Most Black homicides are covered in the news locally, not nationally. Do you wanna know what’s under-represented in the news? I’ll tell you. MASS SHOOTINGS. There’s one almost EVERY SINGLE DAY in the US and it’s a crime that is carried out almost exclusively by Whites. According to the Guardian, there are 9 mass shootings every 10 days in the US. That’s about 330 Mass Shootings every year, yet the national news only cover about 3 to 4 Mass Shootings every year. Now THAT doesn’t get the kind of coverage it should.

    • haxors 4hire says:

      LMAO. Look at the school shooting statistics in Kenya (and other countries where ‘black’ people are the main population) They’re all done by other black kids/teens/men. not white people.. school shooting race statistics are relative to country. Black people are far more vicious than white people, in africa as we speak Boko Haram and other African groups are raping girls under the age 12 and killing them. They’re putting rubber tires over incident children’s necks then setting them on fire and stoning babies to death, there’s video of them doing all of this online. Black people are evil evil vicious people. Also, more black teens shoot other black teens in gang violence than white teens shoot other white teen kids in school shootings. More black youth shoot other black youth than white youth shoots other white youth.

    • GhostTrain H4ze says:

      Weeb Killer TYBG Lol, angry white guy can’t come up with any rebukes so like most whites he resorts to racism cause that’s all you’re good for.

    • William Lee says:

      School shooters are white and blacks are responsible for 50% of all crime in the us

  16. The 2K KING says:

    He’s a neo nazi loving white supremacist devil too. We all know the politicians are going to stay quiet on this one???

    • Mr O says:

      Waffle SS
      Yes, let’s not soil the Nazis name.

    • AJ says:

      Patrick Omalley let me guess, you got that from COD WW2. Fucking idiot

    • Mercy Main says:

      Nazi’s killed whites as well. Gays, the mentally underdeveloped, and the physically disabled.
      Jewish individuals can be from any racial background.

      If you aren’t aware of that much, you should take some time to do a bit of research.

      The Japanese symbol was utilized to show that he intended to die in his efforts.
      I can’t say anything for the hammer and sickle other than he seems like he’s trying to be edgy.

    • Patrick Omalley says:

      AJ you think I got that information from cod because it has black people on the axis side in the multiplayer? Lol

  17. oosveluzo levso says:

    Thanks to Trumps, now everyone hates Whites, not only local, but internationally, Trumps you doing a great job promoting hate and racism, teens are very sensitive to hate, this is what happens when you spend all your time as a leader spreading hate, you turn all people vs people, there is not such thing as America anymore, it’s Whites, vs all non whites. now whites anything they do they are automaticly labeled as racist and trump supporter, it was already like that before trumps, but now it’s extreme.

  18. Ender Pearl says:

    I wonder how many fan girls this guy will get

  19. Gerald Swain says:

    The quicker they change the law on firearms, to single shot sporting rifles only ,the better off all our lives will be .

  20. Oof ___ says:

    Another white kid shooting up a school smh

    • Frank Castle Is Dead says:

      DOPEY ASS whiteBOY, Are you fucking stupid? White People make up almost 70% of America’s Population, of course they’re going to be the majority of Serial Killers and or Pedophiles. Just like the majority of serial killers and pedophiles in Japan are Asian, and the majority of serial killers and pedophiles in Africa are Black. However, Black Men in America (6% Of The Population) is responsible for over 50% of the murders in America (Which Is Beyond Fucking Insane, It’s Beyond Irregular, It’s A Fucking Problem). If you want to go down this road I’ll be happy to go down that road.

    • Frank Castle Is Dead says:

      Mich Sek, For fuck’s sake none of you understand demographics, most mass shooter in major Black Countries are Black, just like most Mass Shooters in majority White Countries are White, it’s actually suppose to be that way, because if it’s not, it means a minority is committing crime at a higher rate than a majority which is a huge problem.

    • Frank Castle Is Dead says:

      Arie Fraiser, Reread your comment you dope, you’re justifying the killing of inner-city black people you racist sack of shit, fucking hell, CNN’S Audience is worse than CNN.

    • Frank Castle Is Dead says:

      T Ewelike, Wrong, most incestuous relationships are done by Hispanics in America, try again.

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