Teyana Taylor – Champions freestyle

Teyana Taylor – Champions freestyle

THIS VIDEO WAS CREATED WITH ALL PHOTOGRAPHS (Stop Motion) (all photographs) Here’s
‘Champions’ freestyle
shot by Sasha Samsonova hope you guys love it!!! Again THIS IS MADE WITH ALL PHOTOS!! Fireeeeee

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20 Responses

  1. Travis says:

    this shit fire in a weird way

  2. HollyWoo Tex says:

    Youtube is about to say this is partial nudity

  3. Павел Ахрамееў says:

    Nope. Fade dope.

  4. Hugo Foulquier says:

    is it an ad for ferrero ? it’s not even christmas

  5. Javan uHnah says:

    You can do better than this Teyana

  6. Foreaux C. says:

    Shes giving me Grace Jones

  7. born2shine4ever says:

    All I could think of was how dirty that water is that she’s rolling around
    in. ???

  8. MONET8iAM says:

    Zamn Tey back at it again with the gold leaves

  9. Sofcrates T says:

    Kanye’s music is such trash that he has to have naked women to promote it.

  10. Denzel Richie says:

    Still don’t fuck with her music but she’s very hot.

  11. Golden CocoA says:

    I’m here for music and that body ?yasssssss teyslayed

  12. JaeLafayette says:

    Her season is coming! ??????

  13. benn rutter says:

    I think she deserves it. Glad Ye has ‘gave’ you this opportunity and

  14. ZAWENA EFIA says:

    Been following her since she was in Sweet Sixteen and came out in the
    Barbie box and tutu. I love her and damn her body ??

  15. mariellaforty says:

    Yo they need to put out the song with Chris brown. It is WAAAAY over due.

  16. David Vasquez says:

    The compliments really got to her..

  17. morgan taylor says:

    I like her a lot actually after watching this just not the Kanye crap

  18. Carlos Barrett says:

    aspiring female rappers….are you sure you still want to rap?

  19. I Love Argueing On Youtube says:

    This video gave me an epilepsy seizure a heart attack and cured my erectile

  20. Laneshia Mars says:

    Creative video and her body is flawless… Gotta step my game all the way