Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night’s Lazzo | Genshin Impact

Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night’s Lazzo | Genshin Impact

No one knows how long it has been since all the Fatui Harbingers last gathered.
On this winter night, people donning masks who had just been singing and squabbling, fell silent in mournful meditation.
Only then did the hall join the winter sky in infinite silence.

Meanwhile, in distant Sumeru, Collei who has not had dreams for a long time, saw strange visions during her midday nap…

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49 Responses

  1. iVoltGaming says:

    The Harbingers look incredible. The designs are off the charts, a wonderful surprise too since nobody saw this coming. So excited to see what happens next!

    • Manohara Lisa says:

      @Jesc Renz I only so hate Signora until now…maybe one of them make me hate so much than Signora… But I hate Scaramouche even I still don’t play his story scene.

    • Manohara Lisa says:

      Maybe… Paimon playable and banner.. and Paimon is non 7 vision user (joke)

    • マーキー says:


    • zuro says:

      @baka mitai Childe literally summon a god that nearly wiped the whole city is that look nice lol

  2. Sophia Miller says:

    The song being a Signora theme variant makes the trailer even better! All of the Harbingers look amazing!

  3. •𝑀𝒶𝓎• says:

    The part where he said “Because on this chessboard, “checkmate” is not where the game ends.” GAVE ME LITERAL CHILLS!!

    • Synical says:

      @Min m sure thing! the chessboard theory relates to the archons and their gnosis, not only in relation to the appearance of the gnosis, but in the part that archons play in the story. for example, venti is commonly accepted to be the queen, as when playing chess, the queen can move upwards, downwards and to the sides like a rook, and move outward diagonally like a bishop. it’s free to move almost wherever it pleases pretty much. but, when the piece is cornered, it’s pretty much game over. there’s not much you can do to get out of that one, thus why venti gave his gnosis up so easily. anyway,, my explanation probably wasn’t great, i’d recommend going and watching a video on it as they could probably explain it better than i could. hope this piqued your interest though!!!

    • you'reshit says:

      @Synical FOR REAL

    • Hello there says:

      @Min m For what I remember, it’s that all the gnosis looks like chess pieces. Venti is the queen, Zhongli I think it was a tower? And in that chess you can see the two gnosis

    • Min m says:

      @Synical can I ask what’s the chessboard theory?

    • Dont go to my page says:

      Don’t read my name 😑 .!

  4. kiril pokintelisa says:

    Even if they are villains and it says on the official website that they haven’t gotten together in a very long time, they all gathered to mourn their fallen comrade, which adds even more respect to them design without words at all I was very surprised!

  5. Wolves Rock says:

    The fact that Childe didnt want to argue or fight, not to mention during the funeral. He sat in the back and far away from the others. It shows how different he is than the other Harbingers in the room

  6. RapisGames says:

    Imagine even childe does not want to fight, this shows how serious this meeting is- everything looks so good

  7. Kenjiro says:

    Seeing their appearances as overwhelming, I can’t imagine the fear Diluc experienced when he was rushing into Fatui Territory and seeing most of the Harbringers trying to kill him.
    He barely escaped.

  8. hamallama says:

    Collei went from one cursed by the gods to one blessed by the dendro archon.
    SHE LOOKS SO MUCH HEALTHIER (AND DIFFERENT) I LOVE IT (and maybe we’ll see Amber in Suneru to visit? I hope so)

  9. Sutirth Rath says:

    I was seriously scared and frozen. I dont even know why. But the harbingers and the guy in the flames. Terrifying.

    Why the hell is the voice acting so good???!!!

  10. ВОР says:

    Предвестники – собери их всех!
    С нетерпением ждем “вещий сон Кален” где древо жизни пылает в огне, неужели в Сумеру мы увидим именно Дотторе?) Ну и конечно же ожидаем релиз Снежной <3

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