Thai cave rescue: First boys rescued – BBC News

Thai cave rescue: First boys rescued – BBC News

At least four of a group of boys trapped inside a cave in northern Thailand for two weeks have been been brought out, say the Thai Navy Seals.

Rescuers decided to go ahead with the hazardous operation on Sunday because of fears of rising waters.

Divers are guiding the 12 boys and their coach through darkness and submerged passageways towards the mouth of the Tham Luang cave system.

They are being rescued in groups. It is unclear how long the mission will take.

Reuters news agency are reporting that six of the 12 boys trapped in the cave have now been brought out, quoting a senior member of the rescue medical team.

However, the Thai Navy Seals have only just tweeted that three of the boys are out

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82 Responses

  1. AMS JV says:

    Thanks for sharing the new.

  2. Jum nature says:

    good news

  3. Pavla Svobodova says:


  4. vincesanity14 says:

    Good news!!!

  5. Holly Keefer says:

    I am so soo thankful to all the people who are rescuing these boys. I really hope they get them all out safely! I hope that they’re OK.

  6. Gifty Agyekum says:

    Owe! Thank you God???

    • 6X3CXT says:

      You’re entitled to your own opinions, but if you want to share your opinions, then you must be open to criticism of those opinions.
      This notion that we’re being disrespectful by picking apart people’s nonsensical beliefs needs to stop.

    • 6X3CXT says:

      AWResistance I swear that was the most pointless meaningless thing you could say. Firstly lacking social skills does not mean someone is autistic, secondly you haven’t given evidence for your dumbass claim, and lastly if every atheist was autistic, it wouldn’t make any difference to how ridiculous religion is.

    • xoxoVnGxoxo says:

      ferdean jami But God gave them the power. They could have also died, just like the other diver died.

    • Martyn Jones says:

      Do you mean like the Christian crusaders or missionaries? The inquisitors were particularly adapt with social graces and I believe that priests often slightly apologised before setting fire to accused witches.

  7. Unicorn Lala says:

    Yay!!! Can’t believe it. Well done rescue team and support network

  8. Debrah Banc says:

    Thank You Lord!!

    • Jennifer Webb says:

      your lord literally had as much to do with that rescue as the easter bunny and tooth fairy did. thank the rescuers duh!?!?!?

    • nikolathereal says:

      Debrah Banc
      Fuck you and your Gay Lord.

    • BMO na says:

      Mark Doldon If you don’t believe in God, then why go so far to blasphemize God and those who did you no wrong and believe? You’re too hypocritical to feel the need to argue about a being you don’t even believe in. Such a waste of mind

    • xoxoVnGxoxo says:

      Mark Doldon It’s not God who trapped them. God gave us our free will to do whatever we want. And they decided to go into the cave. Don’t blame God for our decisions.

    • Pl Hi says:

      why are dumb christians even allowed to use internet? believing in god is mental illness

  9. Sam Replete says:

    I know they will be rescued!!!

    • Gary says:

      Its a good start but they probably started with the boys in the best shape so things can still go bad but hopefully it will all work out.

      On the religious aspect. Courageous people risking their lives got those boys out and they should get the credit for that rather than some fairytale being.

    • BMO na says:

      G5rry Without religion people wouldn’t care to rescue others or care for others. They’ll only see it as “their loss” or “their problem” especially if it’s all the way across the world with people who look different from you. People before Christ weren’t as caring as today. It was as much as a dog eats dog world than it is today and such harsh ideas were common. It’s the mindset we are dealing with not merely just some “imaginary being” you like to regard such things you don’t understand

    • Mr Fingers says:

      manic hairdo not a fan of fiction. was raised by religious freaks .

    • Elijah Blough says:

      Yudith DM thank you. Not sarcastic or anything. Just thank you 🙂

    • Mark Jefferson says:

      Shiro Saki your a dick, even of you don’t believe in god why call someone an ape.

  10. Subbu Kumar says:

    Thank you rescue team and may God bless others too.

  11. Christopher Tucker says:

    God bless those MEN I’m speechless true hero’s OMG.

  12. Boz Harb says:

    Praying for the boys…but doesnt look like that ambulance is racing lol

    • Valapa Sucharitakul says:

      Boz Harb LOL ? 3 were taken by air ??? because they’re on yellow code. And one who was on the green code was taken be an ambulance…not the one in the news. ? All arrived at the hospital safely. ??????

    • The Solemn Nut says:

      They dont need to hurry to hospital.
      They need to hurry to get out off that cave

    • Jalan Rina says:

      When I was traveling in vietnam, the bus drive that slow, they said its the rules thay they have to drive that slow. But i dont remember thai bus drive like that ?

    • Selvyn Quijada says:

      Dirt roads, no pavement, very remote from city.

    • 247addiction says:

      The Solemn Nut why wouldn’t they hurry to the hospital? They were exposed to grave and risky conditions. Yes, there is an urgency for medical care.

  13. Leo Lionhart says:

    This is a piece of news I can like. Thank you.

  14. RukkusRadeo says:

    The 5 thumbs down is from the rival soccer teams…

  15. Phillip Riggins says:

    Good news!

  16. Yujie Tan says:

    Thanks to the brave divers, you guys are amazing people, salute !

  17. ชิวชิว ชิลชิล says:

    Verry verry good❤❤❤

  18. Duggy Dugg says:

    4 or 6 they can’t count ?

  19. Mel F says:

    i would like to thank the 2 english divers who not only found the 12 boys and the coach but helped bring them out , praise is not good enough for these guys

    • Shubham Dhingra says:

      Mel F I thank you for thanking the mortals who put their lives at risk and succeeded in this tedious task rather than thanking god like the rest of the ignorant and uneducated folks in the comment section.

    • Alan Ly says:

      Shubham Dhingra And i need to thank you for pointing out that the people who thank strangers for their heroics also need to be thanked.
      We need more people like you

    • 247addiction says:

      Exactly! Mortals! Thank G-d almighty H- allowed this to happen as H-s mercy and miracle. H- is immortal. The Alpha and Omega. H- will live forever and created this world and can take it away because H- is Gd. Take the gift of H-s salvation for we are immortals but H- gave us the chance to live forever. ❤️? Peace and Love my fellow humans.

    • S J says:

      Are you Jewish?

  20. Jellopy Ignited says:

    Thank you so much. Without international help, It would be much more harder
    Really thank you for your support. Really appreciate. From Thai people

    • boroiasar12 says:

      Jellopy Ignited….. I have not been able to get the boys out of my mind. Really really hope all get out ok…. today you made me feel not like a farang living in thailand but part of the thailand with your appreciation for the international community coming together to help

    • DeathValleyDebbie says:

      ❤️ I love when the world can come together

    • christian anguiano says:

      boroiasar12 gay

    • 247addiction says:

      Jellopy Ignited Still praying! ? This is a miracle. Only G-d can pull us through.

      Many are still praying for you. ❤️?

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