Thai cave rescue: Officials release 1st video of rescued boys in hospital

Thai cave rescue: Officials release 1st video of rescued boys in hospital

Thai officials have released the first footage of the soccer team, their coach and their rescuers recovering in hospital after their ordeal of being trapped in a cave in northern Thailand for 18 days.

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79 Responses

  1. ladykiri42 says:

    This is such a wonderful end to a very tense ordeal.

  2. kaimito yuko says:

    wow!just overwhelm.
    hopefully they will recover very soon and back to normal life again.
    thanks God!👍👏

  3. Venita Sheppard says:

    Oh Lord God I lift my hands to you asking for these boys fast recover.. To keep them all safe and send them home soon.. To bless those that who were there saving their lives… I ask you this in Jesus precious name..Amen

  4. Venita Sheppard says:

    R.I P ..May the Lord give you peace and rest dear hero..😥

  5. Ain Lee says:

    Let them rest well. Dont push them to recall how they got into the cave. When they are ready to tell, we are ready to listen

    • Cory RP says:

      3rd World Culture? Young boys and girls the world over make mistakes. That’s what makes us human.

    • SAVE TRUMP says:

      Allison Vinave if it isn’t dangerous it’s not fun.

    • Rachel E. says:

      But we already know. And it really isn’t their fault. None of it is. The season came early

    • El dorado says:

      Jimmy Couch…

    • Steve Gibson says:

      Ain Lee    Those words are so very true. IF and WHEN the boys want to talk about what happened then they will, but in their own time without anyone else asking about what happed. But for now – happiness and good family ties is what they need. After that close friends will play an important role in their recovery as well

  6. Emma Adhiambo says:

    What a beautiful smile!! This is so wonderful! Thanks to the rescuers for the great job they did, keep fighting genius

    • Carol Reid says:

      Rayven Neo Any dangerous rescue mission… About #3 on the list is keeping media the heck away… It can mess up a rescue.

    • Rayven Neo says:

      Clair Bliss nope. Any other excuses

    • Rayven Neo says:

      Clair Bliss they weren’t sedated so called leaving a cave, swimming hours to the entrance, no sedation . They had cameras in their face when found but not when they left the waters and exit the cavr. Any other excuses?

    • Rayven Neo says:

      I saw he documentary when they told media to leave in put up a blue whatever but media was their in the cave as they were found but you can’t record as they leave the cave. All they had to do was set up some barriers where media couldn’t pass and let them record. The money shots were the kids coming out the cave.

    • Rayven Neo says:

      Either way. Rescue over. Moving on

  7. Ray M says:

    way to go wild boars!!! Bless to those rescuers and responders

  8. C. Martin says:

    Hello, you strong brave young Men, welcome back.
    We all love you! What a amazying life you will have after all you have learned.
    Hugs, to your Coach!

  9. JK Mid says:

    These boys are amazing! 1st thing I do wen I wake up is Thank God & check updates on this story! My heart is w/them! & the brave rescue divers are so inspiring! I’m so happy now! Only tears of joy! Rest in Peace 2 the Thai diver that lost his life! He will not be 4gotten! I hope they’re watching the rest of the world cup!!

    • CarlJohnson says:

      JK Mid me too and elon plan submarine

    • Daniel M says:

      JK Mid No the Thai’s don’t ever forget their hero’s. There are hundreds of statues all over thailand dates back to 200-300 years. They may decided to keep the cave opened to the public with extra security, but will probably build a memorial site in tribute to the Navy Seals. All tribute will probably goes to his family!

    • Vanhnakhone Amphonephong says:

      JK Mid Amen🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. decentradical says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing.

  11. C. Martin says:

    Thank you, Dr. Harris!
    May you find peace as you and your family pay respect for your Father. He was a great man to have created you and you could not have been a better Son. The World holds you close in heart.

    • Forest Cave says:

      Thanks Dr. Harris, i feel sad for the loosing of your father, but im sure your father proud of u, u safe lifes in the end of ur father life, he went to heaven with big smile cos his son is a hero 🙏

    • Vanhnakhone Amphonephong says:

      Thank you, Dr. Harris! My heart goes out to you and your family, you made your father proud at the end of his life! Yes, the world holds you close to heart❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. solonomoney says:

    They are so strong and incredibly chill.

  13. Frank Pichardo says:

    Let’s remember this didn’t end well, someone died.

    • Mdmchannel says:

      Frank Pichardo The Hollywood movie will feature his backstory, no doubt.

    • philip pratt says:

      I live in the united state and not every time a coach takes players out  is written  permission  required.  like going out for pizza after a game.  It’s funny how quick the Thai parents came out in support of the coach and not blaming him whether  he had permission  or not.   would never happen here .  instead lawsuits  against  everyone  possible  when the  boys first  went missing .

    • philip pratt says:

      Rachel E – It is because Thailand seems  to be more  forgiving and understanding than some Americans

    • Susan H. says:

      Yes unfortunately someone died. However, many lived.

    • Jacqueline Fong says:

      Nsiande Kweka it is actually common for people especially teens to go into caves to play in Thailand

  14. Freddy-Goes says:

    Kids giving the peace sign… ” Thai greetings” lmao.. Wow.. So glad they’re doing so well. May the Thai Seal that lost his life rest forever in peace. He is a hero. His life was given to save and assist others.

    • PBJ Sandwich says:

      Freddy-Goes you see several kids giving the Thai ‘wai’🙏 as well as peace ✌️

    • Max Covfefe says:

      Yeah, I hope Sgt. Kunan can have a public memorial service, and I would love to see a monument for him, a kind of place for people from all over the world to visit to honor The Wild Boars Rescuers. You know, we rarely see the world come together for much more than war, but this was… amazing!

    • cHemon says:

      Max Covfefe
      The artist who owns the world famous white temple in Chiang Rai just said today that he will build a memorial for the hero, fully funded by himself.

    • OP 1000 says:

      Freddy-Goes . I have a Thai family member and I can assure you that she is giving peace signs in every photo we take. No kidding.

    • Forest Cave says:

      OP 1000 hahahah!

  15. Hani Alturk says:

    Thai people, what a beautiful culture and beautiful people

    • Gary Lewis says:

      i have been to Thailand 5 times i would agree. land of smiles

    • โบว์จัง ปัทมเรขา says:

      Hani Alturk thank you..

    • Christ The redeemer says:

      Hani Alturk I couldn’t agree with you more. Beautiful, beautiful people.

    • Daniel M says:

      If the Thai’s continues to keep the the cave which has always been a “ tourist attractions” opened, there will be extra security, and a tribute site will be dedicate to the Navy Seals that died. Proceed will go to his family. For the Thai’s don’t forget their hero’s easily. There are already monuments of all their hero’s and heroins spread throughout different part of thailand. They will definitely build a statue of him there at the cave site!

    • sunny sim says:

      Hani Alturk
      not all of them!!

  16. just a person says:

    I hope they get their fried rice and pork ❤

  17. good vibes says:

    Just wonderful to see them all out of danger. Wish them all blessings and good health.

  18. millieo says:

    white sheets and sunshine … bet that feels good

    • Lilac Lizard says:

      looks too clinical to me! Can’t they put a plant or flowers or something in there? Talk about extremes! From total black, to total white! That doesn’t seem healthy to me. Someone needs to send them some colourful soccer quilts at least!

    • Adwoa Hanson says:

      Lilac Lizard You are totally correct!!
      There must be some kind of life in that hospital room,to boast their energy up..just too hospital looking for me!👎🏾

    • анни елниф says:

      yeah and even looks like picture from heaven

    • American girl says:

      Lilac Lizard no plants carry pollen bacteria its a sterile environment. .

    • American girl says:

      Adwoa Hanson its a sterile environment. Like a surgical operating room to protect the boys depleted immune syste

  19. Honey Kamboz says:

    Thank you Rescue Team Love you 👍🙏

    • Maureen Devlet says:

      Honey Kamboz q

    • Pamela Kordenbrock says:

      Thank God for your safe rescue. Thank God for your coach, who I believe kept you safe, together, and thankful for your recovery. KENTUCKY LOVES YOU. You were all anyone thought about or talked about. Every minute many were praying for you. I don’t remember anything thAt has captured everyone’s attention the way this story has. The whole world needed some really good news, and we got it. If they ever need anything, please remind America, and especially KENTUCKY, and we’ll make sure they get it. Thank God, thank God. Everyone loves each and every one of you. The agony that your parents had to be going through, is now over. Thank God for your parents and for the strength they needed, and God provided, to get through the last couple of weeks. The world rejoices!

  20. Infinite Beauty says:

    Let’s not forget it was cave experts from England that found these boys

    • огромная эрекция says:

      American girl
      I do what I want young lady.

    • Forest Cave says:

      Everybody is heros Thai, UK, US, Laos, Denmark, Australia, Belgium, German, Israel, France, Japan, Myanmar, China, (any others?) cos they have same kind purpose to safe humans life, has good part of it, and youtube has digital record of it too 😊

    • American girl says:

      Forest Cave yes you are right everyone is heros. But mostly the Thai people and government are loving good people.

    • Forest Cave says:

      American girl oooowww….. Ur so sweet…. 😊
      Im not from Thai, but im touch by ur words, yes i think thats why ppl from world love thailand cos theyr ppl so warm and nice

    • Kim Jong-un says:

      Infinite Beauty
      NoT some invisible man living in the sky:)

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