Thai cave rescue: Window narrows before heavy rains

Thai cave rescue: Window narrows before heavy rains

The Thai cave rescue mission has its best chance of success in the narrow window of time before expected heavy rains.
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98 Responses

  1. Miriam Schiro says:

    I’m confused. If they able to bring them food n water how come they can’t get them out.
    Ok I get now like DUUh 🤦🏽‍♀️😄
    So sad for the kids 😞

    • Animals Are Our Angels says:

      Rainer Molla So Sorry for what happened to you. I cannot even imagine. A good suggestion is to put a light on each child so that they could be seen. Also let them carry a light so that they can see under the water. I know it will not be easy. The world is praying for them. Yes, this will affect them for life. Unfortunate but we must come together and be hopeful. Very sad situation. Namaste! Blessings from Canada.

    • Danny McInnis says:

      Daniel M Whats your last name because you name is the same as mine

    • shaik zabbir says:

      195511SM is

    • RaymondHng says:

      Barry Ryoba
      The food and other supplies are smaller items that do not come in packages that are in the size of a person. That made it easier to bring lots of small packages through those tight tunnels.

    • Manny Lugz says:

      They are just kids. They are weak because of more than 1 week of not eating. They probably already are sick as they drink water just flowing in the cave. They are traumatized by their ordeal. They spent days in that cave in total darkness.
      Some or all of them probably dont know how to swim. There’s a possibility they will panic if they start to move into the tight spaces full of water.

      Looks easy on TV, but really its very difficult and perilous.

  2. Cliff Villanueva says:

    put blinking lights under water from start and end of the dive in each pocket area or section, so that divers can easily navigate by looking at the blinking water it would be important that the lights are color coded which is which, also attach each boys with lights so that divers under water can always see and locate them. next they have to pass each boys to the next section where another divers are waiting and do the same passing the boys to the next section to another divers. kinda like passing relay. Also the lights can help to keep the boys focus and have something to stare at while underwater so they don’t feel blind,stuck and claustrophobic.

  3. Robert O'Connor says:

    Get the strongest kid out first get him on video show the others he made it…

    • Ziino says:

      Robert O’Connor verified with 16 subs wtf

    • Llynnyia says:

      its not fear its physical strength and expertise. Cave diving is the most dangerous type of diving there is, even for an adult and a specialist. Like the hero that died in that very cave yesterday.

    • MC1R Gene says:

      The reality is one or more boys won’t make it and there is a great chance that one or more drivers might go down with a pained boy. This isn’t going to have a happy ending.

    • bruce chen says:

      +Gus Alcon Depends on the consumption. Average speaking 1 hour…

    • Atiqah Ishak says:

      What if they elevate the deep part of the cave? Like putting on some wooden plank underneath, make them kids walking with feet touch the ground so they wont get panic. Holding on to the rope that is attached from entrance to their place might also help.

  4. yeeyoh says:

    It’s amazing over the years no one has ever invented some sort-a oxygen sac/sleeping bag that would have an air supply and weights to keep it at the proper depth…. But of course if one of the divers has already died it must be a very difficult dive and guiding such a sac might not be possible anyway.

    • yeeyoh says:

      Yes that does make sense. Although, it also brings up just how messed up it is that they are that deep into this cave system.

    • Gathering No Moss says:

      a bag would tear going through narrow rock passages. There are parts of the tunnel that are dry where you have to walk and climb

    • Eric Jefferson says:

      yeeyoh Imagine swimming in muddy murky water for 5 hours going through rock crevices? It’s dangerous for a professional diver as we see.

    • Gail Johnston says:

      The depth changes.

    • K.J. says:

      But they did invent weather modification! He even talks about it at the end of the video. “Cloud seeding”

  5. djpaulywood says:

    Elon Musk to the rescue!

    • Pot Head Steve says:

      “Lets build a tunnel, to rocket the boys out.”
      -Elon Musk

    • Scott Hudson says:

      You can have multiple air compartments so that if part of it springs a leak it will still stay open.

    • Pot Head Steve says:

      +mary wilson
      If i had the money to do so, or someone flew me out there. I would help. Afterwards i can stay on thailands plenty of nice beaches, prolly get wasted and hey who knows maybe ill get laid by a hot spicy thai girl.

    • York Hunt says:

      DATING HARLEY QUINN he narrowly escaped the possibility of getting thrown out of moms house last week.

    • Cruz Moreno says:

      Mac Neoh he hit production goals last week

  6. polyannamoonbeam says:

    the water is seeping in through crevices in the mountain not just from outside..

  7. 786otto says:

    All this time they still don’t have a decent light in there. Just spread some waterproof led rope.

    • 786otto says:

      Whatever you think. If I was there one of the first things I do is to install some decent lights for people working there. The LED rope is cheap and durable as can be hundreds of feet long.

    • Ariel Banks says:

      786otto it’s so murky underwtaer light isnt visible. And there’s no way to safely fasten them throughout. They’ve already thought of that

    • 786otto says:

      There is always a problem when one doesn’t know how to do it.

    • Gathering No Moss says:

      I thought the same

    • 786otto says:

      A recent video shows a lot better lighting. Let’s hope they get those kids out before it rains.

  8. MAJIK STIK says:


  9. Most Hated Know It All says:

    Kids are resilient they will make it out… Those kids trekked 5hours in without one panic attack…get the gears and get them moving now. Too many adults spoiling the broth. I agree witha comment below attach a rope from where they are to the entrance. With lights and markers. So they stay focus and one diver per kid. Like a buddy system.

    • Most Hated Know It All says:

      Brodo Fatskins 1 diver per kid…kids have are strong they can do it…t get the kids ready mentally, tell them its the only way out, the whole trek isnt underwater only parts if it….believe inthe impossible and the miracle will happen its better than staying inthere for months. Or drowning in the cave.

    • Most Hated Know It All says:

      SWORD OF THE SPIRIT they had to swim to get to where they were in certain parts. They got lost and became exhausted. Thats why they stopped. But knowing everyone there and waiting and helping they will persevere.

    • Most Hated Know It All says:

      Ariel Banks they got lost in the cave thats why they were in so far. If was only it was a 2 1/2 trek they would have turned back around. They couldnt because they were lost they were wandering. There was water in the tunnel when they went in but it wasnt that high.

    • Austin Briggs says:

      Most Hated Know It All they didn’t swim there, they can’t swim

    • moonlightstripes says:

      the main problem was why they went in there knowing it was moonsoon season? without a guide? and why there were no preventative measures that disallowed people from entering the cave at such a critical time of the year. I’ really interested behind the reason, was it for fun? an initiation? a reflective journey?. One diver died because he was setting up the oxygen refill stations, so with your suggestion light and markers are added timely and oxygen ventures as well. Ropes wont work to their advantage because if you have ever done cave hopping before you know that there are tight spots. (I’ m not sure about this place however). These kids have never had swimming lessons either, so their is a possibility of panicking; wasting oxygen… trekking without floods (calm nature in the cave) is way different when it downpours.

  10. snakei01 says:

    I hate negativity I know the news wants to spike up rating by scaring viewers but a humans will to survive is unstoppable god bless

    • Christopher Dunken says:

      snakei01 Well said. If they gotta, they will do their best. The boys mostly do seem mature and level headed, judging from the letters shown on the news.

    • thharrimw says:

      snakei01 a bullet can stop it pretty quickly

    • Christopher Dunken says:

      thharrimw Quite a few variables. Even a bullet in the heart won’t nessesarily instantly stop someone. Some still can charge forward with a good amount of strength. Much depends on the person.

  11. An Lu says:

    I’m want to be wrong so badly but this plan looks so doomed that God’s hand has to be involved! Have you put a person that doesn’t know how to swim under water? In the dark? For a considerate amount of time? Through a tight whole? God help all of them, my prayers!🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • Brap Pitt says:

      Lambert Lum but God is hopeless, why hope for the hopeless?
      You should have hope for the rescue team. They are not hopeless like god.
      More people will want my viewpoint, sorry to break it to you. God is a thing of the past.

    • ktkska 888 says:

      Brap Pitt, God is not a thing of the past like the dinosaurs, because he has never existed. He is an imaginary figure created by some bronze-aged desert nomads who knew nothing about science.

    • Funkyfuck90 says:

      God isn’t real lol

    • alphadawn2015 lennon says:

      i don’t think there is much other choice. the monsoon is here, the cave could flood further and they would be cut off again. i hope they rescue the weakest boys first. also, i am sure survival insticnts will have kicked in – the need to survive far outwheighs the risks of dying

    • Flavio Agushi says:

      They have 2 buddies with them at all time. Two professional swimmers and divers who will carry them the whole time. The kids don’t need to swim or do any work

  12. T Girl says:

    I’m praying. Everybody stay positive. Please lord help these boys.

    • Jussi Lind says:

      Yeah, let’s stop helping them and see what Jesus will do!

    • thharrimw says:

      T Girl na he put them there

    • Peace Dream says:

      I am so happy to hear this : A Thai Buddhist organisation is sending thousands of vegetarian packed meals to the rescue workers, media team, volunteers and other helpers. A Taoist temple from Bangkok Chinatown is raising funds to help the family of the diver who sacrificed his life. A Hindu charity organization in Malaysia said they will grant a USD$1000 per year bursary to each boy up to university organization. A UK Sikh cricket group has pledged to be the sponsor of this soccer team. And the most encouraging thing is : Christians from all over the world are praying for them at their Sunday service today.

    • ktkska 888 says:

      Your lord is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. But he let those boys go into the cave and let the rain fall to flood trap them. If it is his will and he has a purpose, he should send his angels to save them out. But make sure the angels must proclaim his name (don’t worry, angels can speak Thai). Or else, after the boys have been saved, all Buddhist, Taoists, Hindus and Sikhs will attribute the credit to Buddha. And all Thais will thank that Buddhist monks who went there to perform a prayer ritual.

    • Elizabeth Jackson says:

      T Girl I’m definitely praying. We need a miracle here, and soon.

  13. shenaz yusoof says:

    Plz lord help at this hour
    Help them all
    Lord perform a miracle
    We need u
    Stop d rain
    Drain the waters
    Let d boys walk out.

    • Love and Be Loved says:

      I hope all the atheists and the like find the truth one day because I’ve walked and been there and I for one do not believe in the existence of something without a creator, we were created not just evolved from rocks. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    • Richard Dawson says:

      Stuff god, my prayers are out to these men and woman who are working around the clock to help these kids

    • Richard Dawson says:

      Paxton Hambling Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    • THcreeper says:

      Paxton Hambling it’s called natural selection so God does not step in when Mother Nature is doing her job

    • S Ravi Shanker says:

      By His stripes Am protected

  14. shenaz yusoof says:

    Plz plz people pray
    Don’t stop
    As you open your eyes in the morning
    Ask god to help them thru today somehow.

  15. Dark Magician 09 says:

    God, please continue to watch over those boys, their coach, and all of the countless rescue workers involved in this heroic effort… We are all praying for them. Give them Your strength and light the way. 💡🔦🕯🙌🏻✝️

    • PolskaWalczaca says:

      Dark Magician 09 in Jesus name. Its a miracle. Jesus can make it happen & everyone needs to help.

  16. shenaz yusoof says:

    Just one persons prayers will be answered in a million
    As angels pass they ll say Amen.

  17. shenaz yusoof says:

    Let’s all pray
    So so scared at this moment
    God answered someone’s prayer when the d Chilean miners were trapped.
    Almighty saved them.
    God can’t be everywhere so he sent angels in human form to help them,, they all came out. Safely.

    • Leslie Feliciano says:

      J_Dog 247 Spiritually sick. Jajajaja.

    • Sarah Chamarro says:

      ktkska 888 yo just let people believe in a religion no body needs your spiritual opinion if you don’t believe in it then why bother wasting your time trying to drag someone down when you could be doing something better

    • kolby4078 says:

      funny, I thought is was 2000 golden souls not relying on a god to save them

    • shenaz yusoof says:

      Praise the lord
      6 boys rescued
      More will be getting out by tomor

    • Time for illumination says:

      shenaz yusoof no Muslim man, God is everywhere at all times. His spirit is. His fullness is in heaven, where the Father is. The Angel of the Lord, that Moses spoke to at 80 years old in the Arabian wilderness, was his human form, Jesus Christ. When I first realized that, i had to take a step back and rethink my perspective on the Bible. How Jesus could be the root and the offspring of David.

  18. Lorry Ok says:

    They can’t swim. Can your guy try something else

  19. mizzothify mizzothifi says:

    Gosh, this is all so heart wrenching

  20. Landowar says:

    Why not attach electric powered water proof led lights through the whole cave?

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