Thank you, Grant.

Thank you, Grant.

On the night of July 29, 2019 we lost our friend and founder Grant Thompson to an unfortunate paramotoring accident. For nearly a decade he has inspired us and millions of you with his endless curiosity and passion for life. We hope that this video reminds you of the great man he was, and encourages you to never stop being curious.

A special thanks to ScottDW for composing the music for this video.

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42 Responses

  1. Kingsley. Bhamra says:

    Ngl this is a big loss Ive been watching him since young
    Rest up❤️

  2. Census says:

    This made me cry. May the show go on.

  3. Riley12 says:

    This is so hard to take in Bc I wanted to be just like him when I was younger

  4. TheChallenger97 says:

    Everyone repeat this.

  5. Volixer says:

    A second of silence for years of entertaining and educational videos.

    Long live the king

  6. Laferraric says:

    I grew up watching Grants videos, ive been watching since i was 7, this was a huge shock for me
    Im honestly so sad about Grants death.
    And sad about his family losing such a great man, and overall amazing person.

    Rest in peace, mate

  7. UkG69 says:

    God’s Plan he retired from youtube to spend time with his family. I grew up watching this guy.


  8. ThePlayerMakes says:

    This made me cry! I love all of you at TKOR and I am so sorry for your loss.❤❤

  9. Extreme Potato 2 says:

    Can you start a go fund me? I’d love to help fund his funeral.

  10. Mike Oxbigger says:

    I didn’t watch his videos but he seemed like a pretty sound bloke.. R.I.P

  11. jordan henson says:

    the king of kings has fallen may he rest in peace forever

    he will never be forgotten

  12. reckersee says:

    I can’t believe he’s actually gone.

    Cuz he’s not he will always be the king of random ?

    Long live the king of random ? ❤️

  13. CrystalZeno says:

    He was the most random king to exist, R.I.P

  14. David Edmundson says:

    This news was so shocking and so sad to hear. Iv been subbed for so long, RIP to a legend ?

  15. piotrek7865 says:

    “I wanted to learn how to be Tony Stark”

    For us you did, fly high champ.

  16. Ammar Saleh says:

    The “KING” Of Random ?? ,THANK YOU

  17. vlogger foster says:

    how is there 932 people who disliked this. It’s literally the commemoration of the king of random. Best wishes to his family and friends live long tkor.

  18. ᴀʟᴛᴀᴡᴇʙ says:

    *”I wanted to learn how to be Tony Stark.”*

    You succeeded my friend. ?

  19. Kamryn Rist says:

    I learned how to build a metal foundry from his videos, i’ll cast something in his memory.

  20. S Thomas says:

    Also I apologize on behalf of whoever the idiots are who gave this video a thumbs down?

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