Thank You Ken Block

Thank You Ken Block

Yesterday we lost a legend. Ken Block was my Hero and I can’t believe he’s gone. RIP Ken.

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31 Responses

  1. AR12Gaming says:

    Ken Block was my Hero. I had the pleasure of meeting him twice. He was such an amazing, down to earth person with the ability to instantly put a smile on your face. His passion for cars will live on in all of us forever… Thank you for everything Ken. RIP ❤

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  2. muffin says:

    Ken will never be forgotten. One of the first people to ever bring cars into the digital age. He’s a legend. RIP Ken.

    • MangoTail680 says:

      Ken Block wont be forgotten 😢

    • RockerTV says:

      I fully agree. the block legacy will 100% live on tho. Lias lil rally build looks freaking sick. She’s def got her dads talent for building cars. Only a matter of time before she takes over the reins and brings in a new era of hoonigan honestly.

  3. Forza Guy Shylo says:

    I never thought I’d see Nick cry on camera, but honestly who cares. This tragedy has brought me so much shock, and I was honestly lost for words when I saw the news after school today. Ken was a massive legend and was never anything but truly dedicated to his work and supplying us with possibly _the_ best and most entertaining car content out there. Honestly, for me, the most horrific part of all this is simply the way he left us – he was just doing what he enjoyed, and was being himself, and it’s awful to know that that was the cause of his passing. But, at least we, and his friends and family, can rest knowing he was doing what he enjoyed most at the time of his tragic passing, and frankly it couldn’t really have been any better. Rest in peace Ken, and thank you for lighting up my world and leading me on the path to who I am today and my passion for cars and motorsport. And finally, my best wishes go to Ken’s family and the guys he knew best. ❤❤

    • Forza Guy Shylo says:

      Thanks, yes a great tragedy with long lasting effects in the motorsport community.

    • ThatOneRacerGirl says:

      Well said. It is definitely a tragedy that has hit us all very hard I can’t even begin to imagine what his family and friends are going through I hope them all the best. RIP Ken Block we will never forget you.

    • Sampo Vakkamaa says:

      Holy shit man. I.. i didn’t know i was going to cry by a comment, but this was so unbelievable how you told all this. He will live in all of our hearts. RIP Ken 😔🕊️🕊️

  4. jacob leach says:

    Seeing nick cry makes me feel so sad and it genuinely bought a tear to my eye. We truly have lost a legend. Rest in peace Ken Block

  5. Felix Strömberg says:

    Someone has to make a song equally sad and amazing as see you again. This man will be missed but never forgotten! U will always be a hero, now u really can fly! Love you Ken Block 💔

  6. NATHAN FORD says:

    RIP Ken Block. Tou done us all proud with all of the crazy things and stunts u did and inspired a lot of us. Rest easy you did a lot of crazy tuning and it will be mutch respected. U were the best 1967-2023

  7. Carter Jones07 says:

    Massive Respect to you Nick for posting this. Rip to a legend. Rest easy Ken Block

  8. PigeonZz says:

    The end of the video just goes to show how much Ken meant to the car community. Nick met the guy only a handful of times and was on the brink of tears. Ken will be missed amongst all of us.

  9. lukqwrld says:

    Rest In Peace, Ken Block, started watching him when I was around 7 years old, now 13, I am heartbroken he has passed away, thank you for the memories Ken. 🙏

  10. HDS乂LYTRO says:

    RIP KEN BLOCK. He will never be forgotten and whenever we talk about crazy cars he will always be remembered.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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