Thank You, Pewdiepie x

Thank You, Pewdiepie x

thank you @PewDiePie
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50 Responses

  1. Wolf Oz says:

    Its enough to make a grown man cry

  2. SB737 says:

    RIP to our fallen hero

  3. Thinker says:

    Okay, but can we just talk about how cool his room is?

  4. DrMontrays says:

    Hes saluting his past self, graduating what he has learned along the way, since the memories, the laughs, the deaths, sweat and tears along the way and what he accomplished on this journey with us. He may of died in the game, but he will never die in our hearts.

  5. RicaRTSM13_2005 says:

    Salute to DanTDM and pewdiepie
    The two heroes
    And respect to our fallen hero who died in a hardcore world, not just a world of blocks, but a world of memories and creativity
    Thank you Dan

  6. The Gamer 11937 says:

    All Minecraft players salute if you need to cry cry then
    But this hits so hard more than…

    Rubens death in Minecraft story mode season one

  7. alramtz says:

    The shippers are gonna be knocking down the door any minute now

  8. Roland Francis Badiola says:

    Rest in piece skinny family, all of the horses, the castle and so much more. Thank you for entertaining us, Dantdm.

  9. Lonely Sandwich says:

    This is sad but hilarious at the same time

  10. Julia Red says:

    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

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