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38 Responses

  1. Josh Hammond says:

    Cristine: accidentally shows genuine emotion

    Safiya: I didn’t know socks could feel?

    Edit: I fixed my chrappy spelling

  2. Aleks C says:

    Its refreshing seeing a “thank you” video rather than an “I’m sorry” video after a product launch.

  3. Gigi Tanner says:

    You should make a peel off nail base

    I would lloovvee to bye it! ??

    Hope you see this!?


  4. PrissyDe says:

    Sweetest human being ever 12/10. We support and will always love you Cristine!

  5. stranger than you says:

    Cristine: things *MIGHT* be damaged but send an email asap and we will give you a new one
    Jaclyn: **lipsticks are contaminated** this is fine.

  6. Mackenzie Rod says:

    Cristine you are such a pure sock and I cannot wait to preorder my Holo Taco! I’m so proud of everything you’ve done! ❤️

  7. Soph TheGuineaPig says:

    1) Making us cry with her graciousness
    2) Spreading beautiful holo all over the world
    3) Being an amazing sock
    iS Not a PrOBleM AnYMorE
    (Sorry for the amount of Christine references)

    • Nikkie Vanderbroeck says:

      Soph TheGuineaPig Hey, I’m not hating on you or anything but it’s Cristine, not Christine. ?

  8. Pigaroo 0000 says:

    Is that Holo Taco merch I see in the background?? ? ??

    Love u Cristine!!!

  9. Veniece 0310 says:

    James Charles: my pallette sold out in 3 days!!!!!

    Cristine: Bitch hold my tea

    Holo Taco: *sold out in 1 hour*

  10. Sarah Kirtley says:

    Gurl I’m trying to stop biting my nails so I can use your nail polish!! So far I’m pretty successful ?

    • Sio O says:

      once you put nail polish on it will be easier. i used to be a nail biter and now my nails are like 1″ long

  11. Ashlyn C. says:

    That’s SO sweet. We all love you cristene! I so wish I could be at vid con.

  12. SuperToysSurpriseZ says:

    so basically Simply is now The Joker cause she has a permanent smile on her face ahahahhaa!

  13. mEMe TaEHYuNg says:

    I love how Cristine is already famous and have a fancy life, yet she stays humble. And she is still thinking about her fans, the quality of the product that she’s introducing them. Applause for our Queen ????✨

  14. Chameeleein ASMR says:

    i cant wait to get my hollow taco ! im gonna paint my whole face and post it on youtube!!

  15. SammietheAverageGirl says:

    It’s so easy to feel happy for someone so genuinely grateful for their success and with such a generous love for their audience.
    We love you and are so proud of you!!

  16. Kisses A says:

    Thank God!!! Thought this was an announcement to the end of her channel.

  17. KalycaShan V says:

    Why did I think that her face is not like usual??

  18. Celia Baerwalde says:

    Cristene should make a special peely bag for Holo Taco!

  19. duuuuuuu says:

    Loved the video! So relaxed and honest!?

  20. Stoocy says:

    i saw jenna trying the holo taco on her “delicious” ramen nails and oh my god. i wanted the one coat black polish

    it’s bootiful

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