that escalated quickly

that escalated quickly

Basically what the title says again and the fast movements in this might be a bit flashy

And Gregory has a phone because he probably found it on the ground or let’s just say in the Lost and Found area- or some sort of Faz Phone probably since it’s not working for emergencies-

If Glamrock Freddy and Gregory were on an escalator I would have been able to do an escalating pun- unfortunately that did not happen.

Had time to make this since I still have vacations.

Everything in the cursed dancing section has really bad lighting. I still need to learn how to make lighting that’s rather bright it always looks off when I do it.

The DJ Music Man Boss Theme is such a bop I love the music in the game!! I know technically this song wouldn’t be playing twice since he always improvises and makes a new song every time 😀


Song: FNAF Security Breach OST: DJ Music Man Boss Fight

Someone uploaded the full theme:


The voice lines thar I used were made for Security Breach and I just used an unused voice line at the end! 🙂

(Glamrock Freddy is voiced by Kellen Goff in the game)

Model Credits:

Security Breach | Teaser Map:

FNaF: Security Breach – StaffBots Pack #4:

DJ Music Man – FNaF: Security Breach:

Roxanne Wolf – FNaF: Security Breach

Glamrock Freddy – FNaF: Security Breach:

Gregory Port was made by Breen

[FNaF:SL] Elevator Model:

(used them to block out lights in the back)
FNaF Walls and Floor Model! – ItsRainingNans:

Disco Ball:

iPhone 5:

Create IK Constraint Script:
(this helped me with DJ Music Man)

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34 Responses

  1. TheWraithOfMooCow says:

    This is the canon reason they had to make DJ Music Man a titan. It was the only thing that could stop Freddy’s funky rampage.

  2. Bertbert says:

    Look at those moves!! Freddy can sure steal the show!!

  3. Scraton Music Official says:

    The movements have me on a floor! Hahaha

    • the dot giver says:


    • IiiiIiiIiiIIIIIiiIiIiiIIIIiiIIiIIIIiiiII says:

      A dancefloor perhaps?

    • Krel says:

      Please mark on this diagram where Freddy hurt you. Fazbear entertainment is not liable for any bodily harm or plastic surgery that is required as a result of this incident or your unfortunate encounter with the floor. We are however willing to extend a free! 2 week membership to the Roxanne Rocky Road Ice ‘n Cream Parlour as a condolence prize to you in what must surely troubling times.

  4. Erich Geist says:

    I mean, isn’t this what everyone assumed when he said that?
    Freddy busts a move and dominates the dance floor.

  5. Brother Soldiers says:

    So let me get this straight, as soon as Freddy steps on the dance floor, he becomes very drunk and hostile. Got it.

  6. Scrap Dog says:

    I love the fact Roxy was going feral aswell. This whole video is a piece of art. Beautiful, just like Freddy and Roxanne

  7. Laura Graves says:

    This dude has killer dance moves.
    He can ‘bear’ly contain himself.

  8. Dickle says:

    When Markiplier tried this out for himself, it was so heartbreaking to see Feddy NOT busting a move
    Thanks for bringing imagination and creativity to life, god of Sandwiches

  9. x says:

    These videos never fail to cure our boredom. Who agrees?

  10. Kellen Goff says:

    Okay, yup yeah, this is going in my favorites. This is a masterpiece.

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