That moment Saddam Hussein took power on live television.

That moment Saddam Hussein took power on live television.

The political purge of Iraq.
Taken from:
‘The Hitch’ A Christopher Hitchens Documentary

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20 Responses

  1. Singu Larryt says:

    tnx to the usa mind u

  2. Singu Larryt says:

    muslims need dictators dont u get it !?! let them be and theyll stay in
    their own countrys and we will have peace

  3. Singu Larryt says:

    the usa gave this demon his power for oil… who is worse

  4. Adeni says:

    So did the west found Massive weapons in Iraq??? oh ok… they came for Oil
    and Gold!!!

  5. Mohammad Laif says:

    Saddam died hangup like a rotten piece of meat.
    Now his followers are the ones who build & support ISIS. They just conver
    themselve as a muslims! deceiving naive sunni people to join & support
    them. they aren’t muslims, actually they will bomb Islam before they bomb

  6. Not a Lawn Chair says:

    Was satan there?

  7. Jesse Davis says:

    Thanks for the unjustified war in Iraq America in the 90’s. We really think
    ISIS is hoot!

  8. BlurryBigfoot says:

    The Philip Glass score always stands out.

  9. bulldog521521 says:

    That background music tho lmao

  10. Omar Alnawasrah says:

    Saddam Hussein was a great leader

  11. Heron Myer says:

    oh please. this is just par for the course for dictatorship around the

    do you think the million of iraqis that died would be better off in the
    ground than under saddam’s regime?

    what an idiot.

  12. Patloo Son says:

    ? it’s is high time people of USA stand up and reign in the greedy monster
    they unknowingly created.

    To achieve that, each of them have to give up on their own insecurities,
    and have faith in one another and that things will be all right.

    USA is certainly a sinking ship, but holding one another’s hand will help
    people save themselves.

    There was a time USA was known to be with greatest things man has
    achieved… Well today it’s know to be with the worst. Only it’s Citizens
    who are it’s strength can bring it back.

    Citizens have to stop listening to the brainwashing media, who makes them
    believe they are lazy, incapable and foolish. USA has got some of the best
    brains and on the whole can still create great things. Believe in yourself
    and your capabilities citizens of USA! Vote wisely, bring in new parties,
    demand and create new leaders. If no one is there stand up yourself to be
    that leader.

    We as friends from rest of the world stand by you. Do it, show yourself
    that you can bring the best in yourself on to the world!

    Wishing you the very best!

  13. Scrubs Mlg says:

    What is this? Someone please explain what this is! I’m neutral by the way.

  14. Jefferson McCloud says:

    that man is going down in my history books. <3

  15. Djobo Kuwali says:

    Saddam was a puppet, nothing more. He made the U.S. billions with his

  16. khaskhoussi Hamsa says:

    he is dead what does it matter if he was good or bad
    i dont care … you shouldn’t eather look at what is happening now to the
    world ..

  17. GnarlyBroMr says:

    Talking him out of power was a huge mistake

  18. Sup SUp says:

    If you think sudam Hussein is evil your an idiot

  19. Your Fat Mom says:

    saddam did it for the lulz

  20. Mat1n53 says:

    This is 7 months ago