that new Monster High movie is hilariously dumb…

that new Monster High movie is hilariously dumb…

Monster High 2022 Remake

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24 Responses

  1. marvel ntuk says:

    okay but why does it look like nickelodeon got every single one of their personalities wrong? like clawdeen is a fashionista, not a nervous clumsy nerd, cleo isn’t a menacing mean girl and draculaura definitely had no interest in witchcraft. did they not watch the animated series for research? 😂

    • Soona says:

      @Candace Dreamer OMG Yes! DJ Hyde!! I forgot about that lol Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hide. I think he’s Heath’s cousin, that’s how he was first introduced I remember. Now I need to watch the original to cleanse myself from this lol. And yes Heath is hilarious I agree!

    • Jordan Petersen says:

      @Soona and to add to that where is her brother and sister??

    • paris says:

      @Spaghetto same, I was like um 😶 that’s not clawdeen

    • Heitor Pedro de Godoi says:

      @The Dolly News Its still horrible

    • Bats says:

      @Fame_monstarss well let’s see how the does with the new generation because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” can fully apply here. If the reboot movie does poorly with people who know the old, *and* people who are new to the entire franchise, then we’ll know what was _actually_ good.

  2. Erik M says:

    I feel like if you designed a show with this premise for a slightly older audience, you easily could’ve had another iCarly or Victorious on your hands. Audiences absolutely adore teen drama sitcoms for some reason, and throwing a supernatural element into it just ramps that up.

    • tay doc says:

      The original web series. That’s what you’re talking about. It was actually *so good* for being for kids and a live action version of it absolutely would do amazing

    • Alyssa Brhyte says:

      I feel like they should’ve made an entirely new show with this premise, no one I know wanted this moving and not many people are fond of it

  3. izzy cooper says:

    the most ironic thing about this is how adamant the school is about “all humans are bad, they suck, only true monsters” because in the popular cartoon series the school was made for inclusivity, and there are human presenting people in that show, and the main characters even dance and have fun with the humans in fact they had a movie about connecting with humans and “not worrying about differences” how did they manage to completely leave the original subject matter behind so well, it’s a bit crazy

  4. Brideofcthulhu34 says:

    Why have Clawdeen be the new girl at school? That was quite literally Frankie’s story. Freshly created high school student utterly new to pretty much everything around her. Using Hyde, or rather Holt Hyde-Knock Off, as the villain as well is another baffling choice consider Clawdeen’s whole “am I human or am I monster” thing was HIS story. He was the great grandson- not son- of Dr. Jekyll/ Hyde and had a more timid human counterpart named Jackson that actually had a full story arc in one of the animated films because he felt so out of place over at Monster High as neither him nor Holt had control over who was out. In fact, Holt and Frankie actually become a couple! Why absolutely butcher a lore thats perfectly laid out, there’s more than enough material that you don’t need to utterly rearrange the entire universe.

    • mochachv says:

      I was never rlly sure about this but I wonder if holt and jackson were an allegory for a system or for a biracial person

  5. Bethany Caulkins says:

    What did they, DO?!😨 Thanks for watching this so the rest of us don’t have to! I miss the original web series. It may have been a marketing ploy, but the originals made way more sense.

  6. GrayPeachyProduction says:

    It was funny because at some point I started rooting for Hyde Jr throughout the movie because the way they handled his dad was so messed up. That and they had already butchered my beloved characters enough. But the fact that they proudly cheered that they all abandoned and turned their back on Hyde despite him trying to fit in as best as he could and then found out he was working on a way to become a full monster and that still wasn’t enough for him, and THEN he’s exiled to the human world where human proceed to kill him?! Yeah, I’d want revenge for my father too but then they had Hyde Jr be taken out in such a anti climate way that I burst out laughing. The one interesting thing in the whole movie and they ruined it.

  7. C says:

    I genuinely can’t fathom how upset it makes me to see my little bit of childhood be mispresented like this.. What even is this??😭

  8. RyXan says:

    I hope they learn that Monster High reboots aren’t a good idea.I hope a classic Monster High movie come some day out again

  9. Fission Mailure says:

    The foley on this movie is the weirdest thing. So many times they just didn’t add background noise, or even air, so scenes are weirdly, unnaturally quiet.

  10. Hanna Row says:

    My favourite MH moment in every short or film, is when Cleo has been scolded for being controlling and leaves Duce alone for 20 minutes and it becomes clear that he has no idea how to decide on his own lunch and prefers things when Cleo does his thinking for him.

    I’ve met couples exactly like that in real life and this film absolutely guts that moment. Somehow making a show about cartoon master school, less realistic.

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