That one McDonalds employee

That one McDonalds employee

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  1. Amanda says:

    it’s true, all fast food employees have clinical depression.

    • Xavier Phillips says:

      @noah overton I used to work at Sonic and it was soo understaffed that I was afraid they’d ask me to run the entire joint bcuz I was a carhop so I already had to do EVERYTHING but cook the food but I also worked 13 hr weekends and when the home football games would end not only were we the closest restaurant we were the only one open that late so it was pretty rough bit to top it off I made $5 an hour and if I didn’t get tips that day I was just fucked luckily I usually made rly good tips bcuz I was just such a hardworker my manager was almost in tears when I said I quit

    • Monica ™❤️ says:

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  2. Shareen Kaur says:

    I love her videos so muchh! She’s so entertaining and she always brightens up my day! ❤😭

  3. •berriblu•._. says:

    *30 years later*
    I’m still waiting for my chicken nuggies-

    • 「sky aiko」 says:

      @Cher Clueless literally get a life please instead of getting mad over someone saying something is cringe💀 tik tok kids wont leave me alone

    • 「sky aiko」 says:

      @Mike where what how when. please shut up i literally share my opinion and kids are all coming for me goodbye💀

    • Mike says:

      @「sky aiko」 Nobody attacked you, you were acting stupid with those replies. If you’re throwing rocks at people, you have to be ready for multiple back.

    • Mike says:

      @「sky aiko」 You called them a kid though, so you’re equally as wrong.

  4. Crystul says:

    McDonald’s is overrated but the my heart goes out to the employees

    • Astro Roses says:

      It really just depends on which mcdonalds you are working at and the management of it, also just your area to begin with and the type of people there. I work at mcdonalds, I’m a teenager. My managers are really kind and the costumers are for the most part always nice, fellow employees are cool too. Pretty nice for my first job (I live in America) The food they make is honestly really good too! Always fresh and yummy. The mcdonalds near my house doesn’t even compare at all. Its really crazy how management and people can change a McDonalds. Some people are frustrating though. Not all the crew members are good people that know how to actually work.

    • 私 Chris 私 says:

      Hey Crystul

  5. Tony Riccio says:

    That’s me at my dunkin job. I’m like yeah here’s a free donut while the other workers are on break

  6. MÂRŁØ says:

    “And a soda”

    No, don’t bother telling me what kind

  7. 블랙 핑크 & 비티에스 팬 says:

    Kudos to the employees who genuinely try there best at fast food restaurants

    • Virginia Wyatt says:

      Yes …cuz the rest of the crew don’t do shit and you have to pick up all the slack and go crazy just for people to talk down to u cuz you work in fast food. Bruh I’m working hard tf. Stfu and don’t order pizza then if u hate us so much 😑

    • 블랙 핑크 & 비티에스 팬 says:

      @Virginia Wyatt my respect for you rn📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    • Astro Roses says:

      Yeah, I work at McDonalds and it’s frustrating when you have a shift with some bad people. I’ll be working the window which is really chaotic and I need all my attention focused on it, these two dudes will come from the front registers where they are supposed to be working and just try to talk to me. Like no?? You can’t do that, stay in your assigned place I am trying to hand people their food and get food ready for the next cars, they also don’t know how to count change and forget to give people cups and receipts often. They have been working longer than I have. I have worked a total of 6 days.

  8. Trap Card says:

    As a ex McDonald’s employee this is 100% accurate

  9. Sunhopie says:

    Unrelated but in the McDonald’s near my school, it always has a ton of people there but it’s clear there’s a shortage of employees. There’s this legendary dude that handles all the customers, helps the kitchen continue working and runs to the cashier when there’s a line forming.
    It was obvious he’s very stressed but not once was he rude to anyone and still made sure the others weren’t doing a sloppy job

    • Mae Mae says:

      It’s similar for me, the McDonald’s closest to my house is always short on employees (they regularly have to close the lobby because of so few employees). But I always see the same person working the drive thru (taking orders and payment), and she looks exhausted but never once have I seen or heard of her being rude, she works hard and honestly deserves to be paid more

  10. Rotorious says:

    I had a coworker at mcdonalds do this in the exact same tone lmao

    • Juleha Beby says:

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    • 私 Chris 私 says:

      @Floeq. it’s a bot

    • Crafty python says:

      @MARSYA 💋💋 wtf dude

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