That Time College Discovered My YouTube Channel

That Time College Discovered My YouTube Channel


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57 Responses

  1. FrozenPea says:

    He forgot to tell the most important thing: did he get the A-?

  2. Games Wittdave says:

    This is the content I love from techno, just his experiences and stories while playing Minecraft

  3. :: PyromaniacDuck :: says:

    Me:Sees the title

    Also me: So that’s why he quit.

  4. Chase Playz says:

    Techno blade: does some insane speech about social media

    Me: “social media is a media that is social”

  5. Strabo says:

    Other group presenting on radios: *Doesn’t mention the Fireside Chats*
    Techno: YES

    His professor: _Well yes, but actually no_

    • Gisele C says:

      @Phubo365 is this gonna turn into the freedom of speech debate in the comments techno was talking about? I really hope so.

    • Phubo365 says:

      @Gisele C that’s what i was going for but in the end i don’t want to start a comment section war. let’s leave it at that

    • That Nerd Albert says:

      @Jakey Bone bruh

    • Jakey Bone says:

      @Phubo365 I understand at people do like this comment. (It’s the reason it has so many likes) But as you said the people should be allowed to say what they want. And what I wanted to say is that this comment is awful. But yes next time I will try and be politer. I’m sure OP is a nice person and I will try and talk to him like he is.

    • Jakey Bone says:

      @Mailman I know its a joke I’m saying the joke is bad. Mouth breather 2.0

  6. 3StReb says:

    Why does this feel like 2017 Technoblade, I’m scared

  7. Newiak Htims says:

    1:42 A rare sighting of a T E C H N O P E P E in its natural habitat.

  8. MnM_yeetacus says:

    Technoblade: promotes his youtooz by telling stories of him a college

    Me: ultimate salesman

  9. Milkmu _ says:

    Whenever technoblade goes in F5
    His camera: ⬇️➡️⬆️⬇️⬅️

  10. Fr0stburn says:

    “And farm that free, juicy content”
    “Bro, you don’t even upload”
    -Sun Tzu

  11. XaydenPlayz says:

    Techno: “Oh he has 500k”

  12. Gene Chang says:

    Guy: Comes near Techno
    Techno: Oh your approaching me?

  13. 10 million subs before 2069 challenge says:

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Techno: **Gets more skywars wins in one video than I’ve gotten in total**

  14. Elijah Yurkovsky says:

    Next on Technoblade: When my kindergarten class found out that I liked pigs

  15. Nagasaki1 says:

    “In a pandemic, don’t waste food” ever heard of how to basic?

  16. Nub says:

    I feel like this whole video was made to advertise his Youtooz

  17. Yuen Kik Li says:

    Tommy: “How my school discover my…”
    Technoblode: It’s free real content

  18. Quaogo says:

    this is like the hero’s journey when the hero completes every big achievement and goes back to his hometown, now recognized as a much greater person

  19. XD :L RocketPlease says:

    1:49 techno: u are approaching me? U are approaching me?
    Me: it sounds like Dio lmao ;L

  20. WOOKlEE COOKlES says:

    He forgot the “WEEEEELLLLCCCOMMEE guys to another episode of skywars…”

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