That Time John Mulaney Took Pete Davidson to a Steely Dan Concert

That Time John Mulaney Took Pete Davidson to a Steely Dan Concert

John Mulaney talks about meeting and working with Jerry Seinfeld and what it was like seeing Bob Dylan and Steely Dan in concert with Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson.

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That Time John Mulaney Took Pete Davidson to a Steely Dan Concert


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60 Responses

  1. alma Chavez says:

    I see john Mulaney and I click. Simple as that.

  2. viviannguyenx123 says:

    Jimmys painfully fake laugh makes me want to tear out my cochlear

  3. Evie St says:

    John always lights up my life

  4. Marcus Middleton says:

    3:13 perfect Pete Davidson impression

  5. Sumin says:

    host the oscars you coward

  6. Sumin says:

    Gil and George must have been so pissed someone made them stand

  7. Its DaTruth says:

    I wish I could stand Jimmy Fallon.. They get great guests 🙁

  8. Quyen Duong Thuy says:

    John, take Nick with you and go host next year’s Oscars. This is a specific request from the universe.

  9. Oh I see says:

    I could watch and listen to John Mulaney talk for a lifetime. And oh man, I just discovered that I’m a fan of Steely Dan.

  10. Hiromi Yoshida says:

    I’d like to hear this story from John with Seth or Stephen.

  11. Shannon Dean says:

    “with my best friend Kevin”
    weird way to pronounce Nick Kroll but continue . . .

  12. Maria Garcia says:


  13. Sarah King says:

    It’s nice hearing positive stories about Pete Davidson ?

  14. Lukas Schulz says:

    me: *laughing because something is very funny*
    me: this is not funny anymore.

  15. Burt Macklin says:

    The Oscars could definitely diversify with this Asian American lady as host. Just sayin’.

    • shannon lorraine says:

      Burt Macklin best comment ever!!

    • I, Always says:

      Larz Justice
      To be fair, how is he supposed to do determine what she was saying? ??
      I too was unfamiliar with that bit, and immediately thought ? The Oscars would actually do that just to pander, esp w/ the success of the 2018 film. ??‍♀️ Then I scrolled. That reply was made FIRST; he had no one else to clarify.
      Correct/suggest to all parties involved on how to better communicate, i.e.: Using quotation marks (“_”) in the initial post. ?

    • scarabespada says:

      +I, Always I understand what you’re saying, but that’s why Larz said try NOT to get offensive so quickly. She said “with THIS Asian American woman”, that sounds very specific. He could’ve just ask which woman she’s talking about.

    • Kevin J says:

      We are not tokens, hire us for talent and not just to tick a box.

    • I, Always says:

      Valid! ?☝??

  16. mikecantreed says:

    Pete thinking Steely Dan was a comedian is not a knee slapper Fallon.

  17. TenThumbs Productions says:

    I would’ve loved to Steely Dan at at time when standing up was the thing to do. I bet those people yelling “Down in front” where the same people that used to GET down in front! Bring back the boogie.

  18. memoryhero says:

    It’s really a lackluster story told well, something John Mulaney can pull off.

  19. Linn Edits says:

    Why is Jimmy talking over John Mulaney?


      because he’s not a good host

    • Just Looking says:

      John Mulaney does a stand up where he kinda addresses this…not Jimmy Fallon specifically..but he mentions how sometimesin conversations we just wait for our turn to speak…not really listening per se……ok so it’s not at all about talking over people..but it reminds me of all jimmys interviews…he just waiting to say whatever he thinks he needs to…he doesn’t consider how it affects the interview

    • fetB says:

      inferiority complex. He always has to outshine the guest, or overly “support” them. It’s so fucking pathetic

    • Elton Smith says:

      Better looking infinitely more talented/dynamic performer – snuff out the competition

    • geetarbube says:

      First time here?

  20. Pearls-for-cats says:

    I love that Pete Davidson will show up to things regardless of whether he knows what it is or not! :’D

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