The #1 Unlocked Smartphone on Amazon!

The #1 Unlocked Smartphone on Amazon!

The #1 best selling smartphone on Amazon gets an in-depth look. What category should be next?

Moto G6:

All the best-selling phones:

MKBHD Merch:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Filet Mignon by The Cutlery & Alltta


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62 Responses

  1. JeffTutorials says:

    Yooooo that intro shot tho ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  2. SuperSaf TV says:

    I’m a simple man, I see a dope robot camera movement I hit like ๐Ÿ‘

    • flex seals says:

      Congrats for a million

    • DragonTechRoyale4k says:

      Super sad style moto g and 2018 MacBook Pro reviews if you can please

    • Food Stamp says:

      SuperSaf TV You know what about I’m about to write. So lets cut yo the chase.

      Sup Mister Beard Of Knowledge

    • Helen G. Pitts says:

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  3. Shayan Ahmed says:

    name suggestion:
    ‘Prime Sellers’

  4. Marques Brownlee says:

    Correction: 6:22 That should be Snapdragon 450, not 415

    Also wow, you guys are way better at naming stuff than I am!

    • Ujjwal Kumar says:

      Marques Brownlee please make a video on xaiomi mi 8se or redmi note 5(china)5pro(india) both are almost the same with updated cameras

    • AirbusGuy 99 says:

      Austin Heath like massive

    • Shy says:

      Marques Brownlee please make a video about wearables still missing health features like blood pressure ecg recording or blood sugar level. I think this might just boost the sales of wearables. Age 35 and above you start getting reality check with health and being able to monitor is something these wearable companies need to focus on. Please channel their focus in this direction. You have the power. Check the views on smart watch ticks channel on youtube. Views donโ€™t lie.

    • alex mcaniff says:

      also 4gb or ram

    • * * says:

      Marques Brownlee We can always tell whether or not YouTube is streaming at a high resolution by looking at marquez’s hair!

  5. Linus Tech Tips says:

    Maybe… you could call it Advertiser Friendly Content. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. FeelingZesty says:


  7. SHIV SHAKTI says:


  8. Boris the Blade says:

    why is everyone bitching that linus did it first so what? at the end of the day this is just a product review why does it matter how he chooses the products to review?

  9. x Symm says:

    Call this series ‘Amazon Ad’

  10. liam Jones says:

    Never buy moto phones. Even after 1 year Oreo not updated in Moto g5 series. Thumbs up to let people know this.

  11. Enrico Ponciano says:

    Wait so nobody else thought that the camera was a face???

  12. GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more! says:

    Yes he should’ve credited Linus but you know how dumb it is when people say he “copied” the idea? Lmao it’s like Bluehole trying to sue Epicgames for having similar “battle royale”. You see what I’m trying to say? Like it can’t be a copy if people do similar content.

    • Not John Cena says:

      How is it like that? No one here is saying LTT should sue him. They’re just pointing it out. Is their something wrong with that?

  13. Prashant Tak says:

    Earphones and headphones

  14. Crucial Muzic says:

    Meh for 250$ not too bad, but if battery and software updates
    are a kind of a big issue, then why not just spend a bit more for
    something better? I just hate the fact that you have to spend
    close to *1k* these days for a _decent_ smartphone…

    • LIT GOD says:

      That’s not true, you get the best phones for 1k. There’s awesome phones for half that and everything in between.

    • Patrick Herring says:

      Crucial…… Thats a foolish comment. There are LOTS of decent phones for $300 or less. What planet are you on?

    • Gerardo Bล‚aszczykowski Rosas says:

      Asher Perlmuter I don’t live in India dawg

    • shanelle wilson says:

      I think the best thing one could do is buy a last year flag ship. I bought a Google pixel XL for 350 used 4 months ago and while the pixel three is about to be out, I think this phone is still really good and it’s still better than a 2018 mid range phone

    • ReportTM Musterknรขbe says:

      Even the 1k Smartphone has weak software updates…dont forget their Apple updates destroy your phone over time

  15. Phnog says:

    Xiaomi Mi A1 blows the pants off this thing. Easily the best “budget” phone however the software experience on it is only beat by a Google flagship, which is more than 3x the price.

  16. tipoomaster says:

    Almost like this unnamed series is called “why is everyone buying ____” , eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. bahhaziz says:

    Thee is a ton of chinese unlocked phones with clean Android and no bloatware and cheaper… And better

  18. U2@!R says:

    The Amazoner, how about this for a name ? Lol

  19. downphoenix says:

    It looks like a solid phone, but the Motorola g5s plus is definitely better. Other than a slightly smaller screen, and a older version of Android, it seems to outdo this one. It has a metal back, the camera seen better, the processor is much faster, the fingerprint sensor is better, it has an extra gig of RAM and 32 extra gigs of storage, etc. And it cost like $30 more than this. Totally worth the extra 30 bucks. outside of the lack of dual camera and smaller screen, I think the G5 is better than the G6 personally and it’s cheaper.

  20. Rafael Almeida says:

    You should say if the product deserves to be #1 and suggest a better option or something like that

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