The 10 best new Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

The 10 best new Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

These are the 10 best new Pokémon added in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Number 8: 3:49
Number 7: 5:22
Number 6: 7:22
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44 Responses

  1. NotTheWheel says:

    Wolfey: I haven’t had time to test Dondozo and Tatsugiri extensively.
    Also Wolfey: Gets rank 1 with Dondozo and Tatsugiri

    • Andru Giddings says:

      @Klod Praisor I do love water types and my first shining in the game was tatsugiri, specifically the one that boosts attack. I think at this point it’s time I join the bandwagon. Spiting murkrow is hilarious 😂

    • Klod Praisor says:

      @Andru Giddings running dark tera type dondozo to spite murkrow

    • lilispoon says:

      @WolfeyVGC I wasn’t able to catch the streams and I was wondering how you ended up feeling about Flamigo? Are you planning to make a video on it or did it underperform

    • BestBoy says:

      @WolfeyVGC u forgot garganacle, skeledirge and houndstone

    • Thresh Prince says:

      I think Wolfey was down-playing it so he could abuse the ever-loving **** out of it and smash into master-ball tier.

  2. Decepticon master says:

    There’s one feature of Rage fist that wasn’t mention and it’s that the increase in base power of the move doesn’t reset when annihilape switches out. Have a multi hit move hit the pokemon max times, if it dies, use revival blessing to revive it and it keeps the base power increase and it’s gonna wreck the opponent.

  3. MrBloodyHyphen - says:

    Please get to Master Ball Rank using a Paldean Wooper.

  4. Pietrym says:

    Another note about Kingambit: In single battles, it can get up to a 50% Attack boost if the rest of the team has fainted, meaning you effectively have a Choice Band without the move restriction

    • Nxvh says:

      @Vinicius I think the fact that so many pseudo-legendaries are still top tier proves that the power creep isn’t as insane as you’re saying it is. A lot of the new pokemon are very strong, don’t get me wrong, but their strength lies in gimmicks or setups involving weather/items, they’re not just straight up overpowered.

    • ShadowFox105870 says:

      @Toby MacDonald didn’t the ghost dog get banned it like 3 days

    • Alejandro Rodriguez Espinosa says:

      @Vinicius and this why they shouldn’t have nerf tabks to oblivion

    • ModoTheGreat says:

      I believe Kingambit keeps track of every time a mon is KO’ed so using Revival Blessing or (when applicable) Revives can further build up its power. Same for Last Respects.

    • Vinicius says:

      @Toby MacDonald they absolutely are tho… and he didn`t even get to talk about paradox pokemon in this video which are breaking the meta wide open. This is the most insane power creep pokemon has ever had

  5. Zachary Kuran says:

    The coolest part about Kingambit is that Bisharp now qualifies as an eligible Eviolite holder. I feel as though we will be seeing a lot of that this generation haha

  6. King Simba says:

    Dang I can only sub once wolfey. You’re killing it and the content is the best. Side note – you’re extremely “listenable”

    • Christopher Young says:

      I agree. I usually watch the videos twice. Once just listening to them while im busy at work and then again when I have time to sit down and appreciate the editing.

  7. FatefulWaffle says:

    Given that Bisharp is my favorite pokemon, when I heard that it got an evolution I was hyped. But, Kingambit was a Pokémon I was initially apprehensive about it. Then, I got my shiny Bisharp to a Kingambit and I fell in love. Those stats, while he’s slow, are just beautiful. I need to experiment with EV spreads but I still love him so much

    • Silvinity says:

      @FatefulWaffle If its tera type is not resistant to steel then you can try using a gholdengo. The one I did once knew thunder wave and gholdengo’s ability will trick the ai into spamming tw trying to paralize it, giving you time to set up with nasty plot and metal sound.

    • FatefulWaffle says:

      @gamester512 oh yeah, it’s a brutal experience. I avoid Kingambit raids if possible, and only do them if they’re my daily 6 star. Even then, there are times where the effort doesn’t seem all that worth it for the rewards at the end

    • gamester512 says:

      And I *HATE* having to deal with Kingambit in Tera Raids. That thing hits like a runaway train!

  8. Duty Free Adventures says:

    Your editor knocked it out ofnthe park with this video and you did a great job writing it. Very good content, flows well, is interesting, fun, and well paced.

    Any work that you’re putting in is definitely showing these recent videos are 🔥

  9. Jacopo Cimaglia says:

    Garganacl is seeing a lot of usage too. It’s bulk it’s good, it’s signature ability makes him immune to status condition and resistant to ghost, while it’s signature move forces switches and deals a ton o passive damage. Furhermore, it has access to body press alongside with 130 base defense stat and iron defense, making him also an offensive threat

  10. jthmastermind says:

    Flamigo and Cyclizar are very underrated. Caught them at the beginning of the game and they remained permanent team memebers throughout my journey.

    • Nxvh says:

      Both of these pokemon are seeing competitive use. Flamigo is being used alongside dodonzo teams, and cyclizar is fantastic in singles

    • Zack Ying says:

      I would like to add Dundunsparce because it has hyper drill which can go through protect, reflect, and others plus it has good stats as well (all though it has bad typing)

    • kefkapalazzo1 says:

      @TheMadMedek what are you talking about?

    • TheMadMedek says:

      @kefkapalazzo1 not true it top competitive. Which is the point of this video. However cyclizar does have a gimmick that could make it show up in shed tail

    • TheMadMedek says:

      I feel like once someone finds the best use case shed tail cyclizar will get it’s day in the sun.

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