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20 Responses

  1. Shadowthief Gaming says:

    Can sue him against bad jokes?

    I’m only kidding Mathew Santoro is amazing!

  2. Amber Greep says:

    thought this video would’ve been completely filled with taylor swift. I am

  3. Carson Chiu says:

    >claims to be presenting facts

    >wrong about McDonald’s case, the coffee machine was broken and made drinks
    extremely hot, the management knew but did not fix it, lady ended up with
    third degree burns

  4. Showtime_kick123 says:

    I’ve been here since under 100K it’s crazy how big this channel is now!!:)

  5. Dimari Jordan says:

    Matt said he uploads on Tues and Sat, but today, he uploaded on a
    Wednesday. I’m coming for ya Santoro.

  6. jonathan spaulding says:


  7. Alex R says:

    The lady who sued McDonalds for spilling coffee on her lap received third
    degree burns from that coffee. McDonalds has served coffee at temperatures
    that would burn your skin in seconds despite receiving hundreds of reports
    about the coffee giving people third degree burns. To settle the case
    prematurely, she asked McDonalds to for $20,000, but they wouldn’t even
    give her $800. McDonalds corporate policy made it mandatory for them to
    make the coffee up to 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit. They admitted that they
    had known about this problem for 10 years and had yet to do anything about

  8. tanaiya anderson says:

    Every time someone mentions the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit as ridiculous it
    makes me question there ability to read. Actually look into the lawsuit and
    not just the headline and I guarantee you won’t call it ridiculous or
    frivolous again.

  9. Rosa Ortiz says:

    [?] (JasonOrtago) The lawsuit are stupid as FUCK!???

  10. tigerofawsomness 64 says:

    these lawsuits are like blaming my turtle for being a turtle

  11. rambofan334 says:

    I lost all hope in humanity, not that I had any to begin with but still.

  12. Jesse Crespin says:

    i find it interesting that you did so much research about all the lawsuits
    that you talk about in this video, but the one that you mentioned at the
    beginning of the video about the woman that dropped coffee in her lap, you
    did absolutely none. the woman needed to get reconstructive surgery to her
    leg an vagina after the coffee literally melted her skin.

  13. Skyheartgameing Sanuik says:

    U should do a video about anoumes Idk how to spell it

  14. Jomaly Sneek says:

    what about the idiot who sued Redbull, cause when he consumed there product
    it did not give him wings.

  15. Mtheswaggy says:


  16. Lamara Wilson says:

    “Mr Ass” omg lol??

  17. Umaru Chan says:

    Yeah you are the wiener O.o

  18. Scott Martin says:

    apple surface ..uses xbox games…my galaxy uses Google plus/ Google
    play…how do I continue playing all my games on the surface, it’s too
    frustrating. I’m incredulous over this right now.

  19. EndezFailz says:

    If those guys had had Saul on their side, they would’ve won.

  20. GoldenPickaxe says:

    Where’s Mayo v. Satan?