The 10 Most USELESS Inventions Ever Created!

The 10 Most USELESS Inventions Ever Created!

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20 Responses

  1. Raysterr :P says:

    You see? now you have to do a top ten Greatest Inventions video. First one-
    The Back Scratcher.

  2. TheeSporty Titan says:

    Best intro ever. Rewinded like 50 times lol!!

  3. John Huf says:

    “Is this real life,” says David after the dentist, after watching this

  4. andres lucero says:

    The most useless creation is youtube du hh…. Nobody uses that shit 

  5. Ben Kennedy says:

    Top 10 best inventions ever Matt?:D

  6. Buttoning Wand says:

    Why are you making fun of the best inventions ever???

  7. moordenaar van sterren says:

    If I were Matthew I would turn comments off because too many religion
    fights for some reason when the video isn’t even related to that.

  8. Aaron wood says:

    I have the wine thing at home…. Its great when you go to food and wine
    shows and you have to buy a glass for all the wine tasting…. You dont
    wanna have to carry your glass around all day :)

  9. Albeto3000 says:

    But the USB Pet Rock has so many uses! Like… being a pet rock… and a USB…

  10. Rob W says:

    Hey Matt can you possibly make part two? 

  11. A light Bulb says:

    I have a USB pet rock and the coolest thing happened I was sitting at my
    computer desk with it plugged in and then out of nowhere

    Nothing happened!!!!! But YA I do really own one and yes I did know it did
    not do anything but I put goggly eyes on it so :/

  12. Ethan Berkman says:

    I actually feel bad that fish can’t see our big world… AM I INSANE?!?

  13. spoooonla says:

    nice shirt

  14. Alex Bartley says:

    what about the double-decker couch?

  15. Shawn Thomas Cabral says:

    This video is hilarious!

  16. Robert Rickerson says:

    So!!! What’s your favorite useless invention

  17. jp magneto says:

    The fish walker is cool :)

  18. * * says:

    You forgot the invention of religion……

  19. kitty kat7303 says:

    Haha my mom had a pet rock 

  20. Basic_Psychology says:

    Who makes that music at the end of this video?