The “$100” 14-inch Pizza Challenge (I did it twice)

The “$100” 14-inch Pizza Challenge (I did it twice)

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A 14-inch Pizza Challenge with $100 worth of DK$ as an incentive?

Sounds too easy to be true..


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20 Responses

  1. 320speed says:

    This is sum weird scary shit but, Why is it you either upload or i instantly get a recommended video of you when I’m absolutely starving? it’s honestly like YouTube knows something!

  2. SnyypaVoltron says:

    “with a $5 deposit you can join my league for free.” hahaha um?

  3. uzair hanan says:

    In the beginning he said ” just $5 bucks you can join my league for free” WTf

  4. AnthonyGoesWild says:

    Matt Stonie is stoned to eat the whole pizza.

  5. elliman says:

    how to ruin your video.
    listen carefully to how matt says the letter P

  6. cliftt says:

    Good to see you listen to your fans.

  7. laurie says:

    you should turn the pizza inside out so the tasty toppings are on your tounge and not the blan bread also try dipping the crust in the water so it will go down easier

  8. Its Mr.Speezy says:

    “4 mins isn’t fast”
    Lmao I eat it in like 10-15 mins 😂
    Well eated Stonie!

  9. Mark Schmidt says:

    6:13 Damn, you’ve only been eating food for 6 or 7 years of your life?!!


    Holly crap man that’s outrageous!!! How can that be?? Bet you can chew on a 10 feet sidewalk in 3 minutes if you wanted to..

  11. Xerophragrant Official says:

    F*ck! In under 2mins. I could probably do it in around 10mins if I eat like you.

  12. Josh Kattic says:

    Matt I gotta know, how the hell do you eat all that damnnnn food and not gain any weight lol.. ? Killer vid but my dude

  13. captainatt says:

    >five dollar deposit
    >join for “”””””””””free””””””””””


  14. Lil Lu says:

    U gon die of a heart attack

  15. MattIsLoling says:

    matt just keep doing the challenge lmao get 10 grand

  16. Danny Laza says:

    i was literally about to comment that you just literally eat and talk and nobody wants to see you be funny. Right before i went to comment, it went to you talking about how you don’t take it seriously anymore and i continued watching.

  17. Jon'N'World says:

    I wonder how many times this guy could have saved Africa with all the food he’s eaten lol

  18. Camy Mapes says:

    you should do 4 or 5 pizzas in 10 min

  19. Issac Ng Wei Lin says:

    Ever thought of starting a vlog channel??

  20. Noah54502 says:

    For 5 dollars you can join my league for free and then spend 3 dollars for what I’m doing

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