The $12 McDonald’s Burger

The $12 McDonald’s Burger

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music by Taylor Galford


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20 Responses

  1. TheReivax27 says:

    0:08 to 0:12 Oscar looked like he was gonna cut Casey’s throat… 🙁
    Dude creeps me out

  2. maahiul alam says:

    My mouth was drooling when they were trying the burgers!

  3. hoshnasi says:

    OH man, pre-roll ads. Good for you Casey, get that YouTube money.

  4. Just Another Brown Boy says:

    I would have to share more than half of that burger with my Beard.

  5. hoshnasi says:

    7.5-8.5 for a McDonalds Burger? WOAH. Amazing.

  6. Daniel Janasz says:

    follow me on instagram dan_janasz

  7. Jordan Dowler says:

    that chick looked like she was trying to seduce you or something LOL

  8. Loustiks says:

    12 dollars far that shit. shame

  9. mark ndlovu says:

    Peter Andre?

  10. Robert Alex says:

    She gave off a very sexual vibe at 2:38! haha.

  11. Kabooom Kabooom says:

    WTF Oscar are a suicidal ?!! “Let’s go eat lunch” after that hamburger dude
    !? Lol

  12. Ivex Rodriguez says:

    Excusse me, i have to go eat.

  13. Elliott Smith says:

    casey what does oscar ask for when he goes to the hairdresser

  14. John D says:

    where are these types of mcdonalds?

  15. Anthony Lynch says:

    That beme recommendation made me sad! He’s wasting the beme name Devo by
    calling it “Dehvo” When a beme name comes along you must whip it!

  16. Seyed Talibi says:

    That looks bloody good. 

  17. Thomas Colvin says:

    Not a burger you should eat with a beard however; especially like mine.

  18. xxmobstrxx 853 says:

    i wish all mcdonalds had those frise and not twig sized ones.

  19. TechMe0ut says:

    From under this rock I’m resting beneath I just discovered in this video
    that McDonalds even had sumn like this! Lol

  20. Eapen Manayani says:

    ᔕᑭEᑎᑕEᖇ ᖴᑕ