The $1899 Retro iPhone 7

The $1899 Retro iPhone 7

Apple dropped the red iPhone 7 and that was kind of cool but I took it one step further with a Retro Macintosh classic iPhone.

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Retro iPhone 7:

I love customizing my iPhone like when I made a red iPhone 7. This time I didn’t spray paint my phone but instead got a custom retro one! It looks just like the Macintosh Classic…but is a little expensive!


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if u see this tweet @techsmartt a pic of an old Mac u have 😉

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20 Responses

  1. TechSmartt says:

    What should I do with this phone??? ?

  2. Mark Houghton says:

    At 3:35 that other guy tries to touch the apple logo on the back of the phone but Keaton denies him then he just gives up

  3. Houstons In Dallas says:

    Subscribing to every single person who likes this comment and subscribes to my channel. Comment when done.✌?

  4. Dave Green says:

    Save your money, bro. Buy a retro case or skin.

  5. Its mido says:

    “so im gonna get my knife here”
    *pulls* *out* *a* *spoon*

  6. The Exorcist says:

    Shove the phone up your ass that’s what you should do

  7. Random Stuff says:

    oh wow you could have bought a cover for 1 buck rather than 1000 dam money

  8. Holy Parsnip says:

    2:13 says ”I got my knife right here” while holding a spoon. *Facepalm*
    Maybe you could of used some the money that went to buying that phone to get some glasses.. or eye surgery

  9. Oscar Holmgren says:

    I hate this dude

  10. Muffinglo says:

    I changed my iPhone’s name to Titanic

    it’s syncing now.

  11. Eray Chumak says:

    For that amount of money, I would of expected to have the whole box (adapter etc) to look retro and also the actual IOS looking retro too (retro background, custom retro-looking apps etc)…

  12. Some guy on the internet says:

    1:43 a pear aunt lee not

  13. Laugh with Bitza says:

    how people are still watching this shit ?

  14. TheSituation says:

    1899 for an iphone with a skin on it

  15. RYA says:

    This guy needs to take his ritalin.

  16. Livan Rico says:

    I hate you so much

  17. Connor Edwards says:

    Jesus how does anybody watch this shit? Most annoying video/YouTuber ever.

  18. Jose Velazquez says:

    annoying white kid spending daddy’s money

  19. xMADLUKESTERx says:

    You’re paying 1k more for a rainbow apple logo. Seems worth it….

  20. Dr MAntiSToBoGgan says:

    why tf is it so much money? you got ripped off my man

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