The 1975 – Give Yourself A Try

The 1975 – Give Yourself A Try

The 1975 – Give Yourself A Try

Available now –

Directed by Diane Martel

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56 Responses

  1. Gus says:

    I love the band and all. But this sounds like the Walmart version of Disorder by Joy division

  2. Birgitta Denver says:

    I kinda like it.. 🤷🏽‍♀️👀

  3. randomcommentguy says:

    The riff is such a Joy Division rip off

    • weird says:

      AugustusFloop sorry I’m not pitch perfect, but it’s obvious these are the same notes. You can tell that this is an octave higher by simply listening to the original, I don’t know if it’s one or two octaves higher but its at least one. It doesn’t take a musical autopsy to see this was the exact same riff, except higher, and distorted. Do I think they ripped it off with malice? No, I think they were inspired by it, I’m more bothered by the fact that they murdered this riff by using that annoying guitar effect and mixing it with this cringe fest of a song.

    • randomcommentguy says:

      AugustusFloop Naw, just the first thing that popped into my head when I heard the song. Not a fan of bandwagons anyway, I’m more of a car or bus person tbh.
      P.S. no need to start a fight, just an observation.

    • Wholock Bruh says:

      Joy Division doesn’t own that riff, oh my fuck.

    • weird says:

      Wholock Bruh they created it…. So yes, they do. Just like queen owns the opera section of bohemian rhapsody, or the arctic monkeys own the riff to do you wanna know. That’s how music law works. I don’t mind them ripping off the riff as long as they gave credit, which I’m sure they did, what I mind is that they butchered it

    • L McCarthy says:

      AugustusFloop From a music theory standpoint, the 1975 goes from F# to B, Joy Division goes from F to Bflat, the notes share a common relationship, the 1957 just took it down a step and up an octave.

  4. CA_TRV says:

    Joy division anyone?

  5. g l b says:

    I was going to comment about his appearence but honestly… It’s Matty. What did we expect.

    • Hojda Adriana says:

      satanism? Why? Cause their songs hint a rock vibe? Lmaoooo

    • Anonymous Yh says:

      Mattys wearing a wig lol

    • Forevertheless Band says:

      This is so true and I think some people don’t understand, he is expressing himself in the way he should. He knows what he is doing and everything he does is on purpose. He’s a lot wittier than people give him credit fort

    • Forevertheless Band says:

      888 777 I think you need a reality check. The man deserves your respect. He displayed himself this way for a reason, he knows what he is dosing and he’s obviously doing it very well. Much more smarter than the likes of you

    • Forevertheless Band says:

      888 777 much smarter*

  6. Vuyolwethu Mtyapa says:

    I already like this song Sonically and now with this awesome music video and the lyrics that I missed. Its fvcking fantastic

  7. crankgamepml says:

    i always dont know what’s happening with matty when he sings bUT EVERYTHING IS A-FUCKING-MAZING

  8. Łukasz Straszko says:

    These guys are the poets of our generation. It never really is what it looks like. Give yourself a try to understand not if you like the song or not, but how emotional the message is. And has always been. If you came here just to say shit, you probably missed a lot from previous lessons.

  9. MANA says:

    Paramore sounds great 🔥

  10. Cyborg says:

    *like context in a modern debate, i just took it out*

  11. Bam Whip says:

    Thumbnail: oh! Hayley Williams collabs with the 1975
    Video: it’s actually Gerard Way :O
    Wait. Where’s Mattie

  12. Win V says:

    Love the styles and outfit

  13. ángela says:

    loved the lyrics
    loved the song
    loved the hair
    loved the video
    still loving the 1975

  14. justabookworm says:

    this is a fricking bop and actually way deeper than what seems so y’all should just look closer and ignore your egos thanks

  15. Mariam Kandil says:

    I was never really into them but holy crap I actually seriously love this and the lyrics are so good

    • selena says:

      Mariam Kandil I love your profile picture

    • daine333 says:

      Mariam Kandil please give their first album a listen. The whole of it. Some of the more obscure tracks are incredible and nothing like their radio friendly stuff. I really think you’ll dig it.

    • Sarah - says:

      Wow, THIS is what got you into them? Don’t get me wrong I like this song but seriously they have much more amazing songs than this

    • Amelia McKinney says:

      TRY THEM OUT MORE HONESTLY. this band is so so good i love them so much. especially their self-titled album

  16. sela a. says:

    why does this look like a 2000s punk video but sound like electronic pop lmao

    Didn’t expect this but damn I’m glad they’re back!!

  17. CH053N says:

    Wtf is wrong w all of you this is damn great it’s just different in sound, the lyrics are about him talking about things he had to go through it’s really cool imo

    • CH053N says:

      BUT i do admit it w that riff.. although I did not automatically recognize the resemblance, it is definitely strikingly similar. But in the end how much unique tracks can the universe make?

  18. Kennedy Aalo says:

    “like context in a modern debate I just took it out” I’m dead

    • Bilal Zafar says:

      Kennedy Aalo finally a comment on that line haha Matty just casually spitting truth in his songs haha

  19. Craig Simmonds says:

    Everyone’s commenting saying Matty looks like Hayley Williams but I’m getting a huge Robert Smith vibe

    • Wagnerds Clan says:

      Craig Simmonds yeah same seems kind of goth influenced as well as like a Sex Pistols vibe from the music video in all

  20. acebennett_ says:

    i like when bands experiment with their sound, personally. it keeps them from going stale or having every song sound the same. yes, sometimes it doesn’t work, but again, it’s an experiment. this doesn’t sound like a typical the 1975 song, but i like it. i like the sound. i like the look. it’s okay to not like a song, especially from a band you really like or even love. it’s okay to be critical, so don’t feel bad for not liking this song. but also, don’t take it as a personal attack.

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