The 1975 – thank u, next (Ariana Grande cover)

The 1975 – thank u, next (Ariana Grande cover)

The 1975 cover Ariana Grande’s thank u, next in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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63 Responses

  1. Nat M says:

    Omg, when he forgot the lyrics and the girl backed him up lmao I love Matty, so much, he literally thanked her.

  2. kamcalste says:

    They made this song sound so much sweeter and more heartfelt. The original was those things too, I love the original – but something about the chorus being backed by multiple voices and the way they made the notes longer – it makes this song so dreamy and soft. What a beautiful cover.

  3. Aaron C says:

    I love this, it’s not anything controversial, problematic or negative. Just good, wholesome, heartwarming music. Perfect for winter. Thank you Matty, George, Adam, Ross and everyone else involved. Bring on Friday!

  4. reeooww says:

    the background singers killed it. Ariana should do a live version with those ladiessssss

  5. Zenex Tbushi says:

    My baby covering my baby…. Wow… Finally.

  6. Fandom Central says:

    The 1975 can do no wrong! πŸ–€

  7. Ali Russelfray says:

    Ariana’s version is like β€œLet’s go party, thank u, next.”
    And the 1975 version is like β€œI’m crying because I’m so thankful, thank u, next.”

  8. tbholiana _ says:

    This looked like it was so much fun to record omg

  9. hope says:

    matty losing the sheet music is a visual representation of my life

  10. Sarah Gabel says:

    Matty dropping his papers is a representation of my life everything is falling apart and i am just pretending everything thing is fine not a problem in the worldπŸ˜‚β€

  11. Sara Lee says:

    AlgΓΊn latino escuchando esta belleza? <3

  12. Gabby Moan says:

    ok shout out to matty for not changing the names or pronouns lol

  13. Zai Gimenez says:

    *This is the kind of music I’d like to play at my funeral*

  14. Matthew Jeffrey says:

    background singers were dope, y’all trippin

  15. Syn Dside says:

    β””πŸ“ The 1975
    β””πŸ“ Bad songs
    β””βš οΈ This Folder is empty

  16. meep says:

    tbh i didn’t like the choir joining the song but it’s still iconic

  17. elegant paper operator maker says:

    Somebody go find the paper matty’s looking for for him

  18. Ari Estrada says:

    the 1975 should have a series β€œpop to alternative genre change”

  19. Emma Gallagher says:

    Matty searching for his lyric sheet is a big mood

  20. Lordalyn Karen Gregorio says:

    I think Matty couldn’t find the next verse so he let the backup singer sang and held her hand and said thank u. So cute.

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