The 2 Man Mission

The 2 Man Mission

The 2 Man Mission

“2 Man Mission”
noun: a mission that consists of two homies linking two girls with the goal of laying some pipe (not talking about plumbing)
Ex: Chains and Bob are running a two man with Sofie and Avery!

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34 Responses

  1. @chainsfr says:

    Been working on this for months I hope yall fw it! ⛓🥰

  2. @Kai_1736 says:

    Bob is the realest homie you could ever have

  3. @GibHamster says:

    Chains never fails to make me happy after a terrible day

  4. @jaxoncorbin8064 says:

    Idk but this man is single-handedly the funniest guy on YouTube😂😂

  5. @pyxlated2767 says:

    Bob is that one homie that always comes in clutch

  6. @faze_ilias4120 says:

    Chains never disappoints

  7. @yoprovids6623 says:

    Everything about this video was perfect like story telling, to transitions, to the editing

  8. @The1called_eli says:

    6:45 i just can’t get enough of this man Bob acting like he do this type of stuff everyday the way flawlessly jumped out that window. I needed this masterpiece

  9. @crabsy6452 says:

    This guy really makes the worst day into the best day

  10. @lukyplex says:

    chains never fails to strap us down and fill us up (with content)

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